Sean Hannity Explains the Story of What Happens When He Goes to the Grocery Store

Wednesday night on the Hannity Show, host Sean Hannity explained what happens when he goes to the grocery store.

“Now imagine, I go shopping,” the host of the show that appears on the Fox News cable news station said. “People always ask me, ‘why are you here?’ and I’m like, ‘shopping, I like to eat,’ and they’re like, ‘oh, anyway.'”

Sean Hannity, host of the Hannity Show on Fox News, goes shopping to buy food

“I get asked that question,” Hannity continued. “But, I talk to all the workers.”

Tens of millions of Americans go to the grocery store every day. Others, however, use primitive instruments to hunt for squirrels and small birds in their yards.

Walmart is one big place where many people go to do their shopping.