Screw the Senate – These People Can All Rot in Hell

We’ve got some weird drama going on in Georgia – the contest Senate seat candidate’s staff member ended up dead in a serious car crash – where three cars caught on fire!

WTOC 11:

A campaign team member for Sen. Kelly Loeffler was killed in a crash on Interstate 16 in Pooler on Friday.

The Pooler Police Department confirmed that Harrison Deal, who was from Bulloch County, was killed in the crash on eastbound I-16 near Pooler Parkway on Friday at about 10 a.m. Pooler Police responded to the scene and found three vehicles on fire.

Deal was killed in the crash. Three other people were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

Loeffler missed an event with Mike Pence after the crash.

But do you know where this gets weird?

Governor Brian Kemp also missed the meeting with Mike Pence because of this crash.


The burned up guy, Deal, was dating the daughter of the governor.

So what’s going on here?

Was this crash a murder, designed to send a signal to Georgia politicians not to do anything that could result in Donald Trump winning the state?

Well, there’s no evidence of that, but it seems like something that someone would obviously assume.

Contrary to what you would think, political murders are rarely done to high profile figures themselves. Usually, it is someone you’ve never heard of that ends up dead, as a way to send a message to the political figure they’re trying to influence.

Frankly, that makes more sense as an explanation as to why they skipped meetings with Pence over the crash. Would you miss an important meeting because a staffer or a guy who dates your daughter died? Probably not. But it makes sense to miss a meeting when you’re shook up after someone you know was just killed to send you a message.

It would make perfect sense to kill someone who is unimportant but also connected to both the main political figures in the state.

I mean: how often have you seen three cars on fire at a car crash?

And what is the likelihood of a guy that is likely the only person directly linked to the personal lives of both the Senator and the Governor happening to end up dead in an accident on the eve of Real President Trump’s visit to the state?

What I will tell you is this: I don’t care if people are getting murdered, these people need to deal with the problems in their state. If this crash is suspicious, instead of being cowed by it, these politicians should come out and tell the public. They don’t have to say they know it was a hit – they can just say “this is suspicious, in the midst of a situation where very powerful people are putting pressure on us to stop Donald Trump.”

If these people weren’t ready to have their families threatened, then they should have never gotten involved in politics. Politics has always been an extension of military conflict, a sublimation of military conflict, and it has always contained the risk of death. We do not need cowards or women involved in this.

Frankly, I don’t think anyone should vote in this election. They should in fact stage protests against the election on election day.

There are arguments on both sides as to what the value of maintaining a Republican Senate with Biden as president would be. I tend to think it doesn’t really matter at all, because either way, if Biden wins, we are going to be under permanent Democrat rule. Before 2022, Biden will have legalized tens of millions of illegal immigrants and given them voting rights, meaning the Senate will flip then either way. There is simply no possibility of ever having Republican leadership in America again if Biden is installed as president.

But basically, none of that matters, because you’re going to lose the election anyway. It’s the same Dominion voting machines that stole the vote from Trump. You would have to be an absolute dupe to trust the Georgia election system months after an election was stolen in Georgia.

It’s better if they lose and the reason that the media gives for the loss is that Republicans refused to vote. That creates an interesting dynamic in society.

We need to fully denounce the entire Republican Party, and lead a movement away from it, if Trump is overthrown. They will be literally without any use whatsoever, other than to keep gullible goyim believing they have a chance. There simply is no path to fixing anything on a federal level if this election theft is successful. A post-Trump GOP would be playing the role of leading white America into a grave by giving them false hope.

They’re trying to peacefully sunset us.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather go down fighting – and I’m betting that is the view of a whole lot of white Americans, including the moronic boomers.

I’ve said and I will continue to say: if the election is successfully stolen, our only goal should be to force red states to secede from the union. The GOP party hacks are obviously going to be against that, so we should be painting them all as villains who actively enabled the election theft. People will be looking for new leadership and a new direction, and they will be drawn to an America First secessionist movement.

The Republican Party should be burned up like Harrison Deal’s car.