SCOTUS Blocks Biden Vax Mandate – White House to Continue Demanding Businesses Comply with It

Well, the big OSHA mandate was finally decided to be illegal by the Supreme Court on Thursday.

It took them long enough. Of course, most Americans complied with it and took their clot shots while the SCOTUS was deliberating.

There’s more to be said about this, because they actually kept in place the mandate for healthcare workers, which is also just obviously illegal, for the same reason they took so long to end the OSHA mandate – this court is a joke and will go along with absolutely anything the Brandon Administration wants.

The OSHA thing was always a fake-out, meant to eventually be struck down by the court. It was just too dumb.

But guess what? The White House is just going to continue to order businesses to follow the mandate the court rejected!



The Biden administration will continue to call on businesses to implement COVID vaccine requirements, the White House said, after the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday blocked President Joe Biden’s pandemic-related vaccination-or-testing mandate.

“We’ll be calling on and will continue to call on businesses to join those who have already stepped up” in instituting vaccine requirements, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki told a news conference.

It’s almost as if we’re witnessing a complete and total breakdown of the entire system of government that this country has had for hundreds of years.

As we told you – this mandate and the court process was a phase.

Now, we’re going to enter a new phase. We’ve seen glimpses of an emerging narrative shift over the last week and a half, which didn’t really give us a clear understanding as to exactly what direction they’re going in next.

We know there’s a new vaccine coming from Pfizer in March, we know that DC enacted a lockdown for the unvaxed, and we know that various cities and states are insisting on vax mandates like the federal one, and that hasn’t been challenged in court.

Basically, this is what is obvious: Biden will attack the court and say that because they struck down his mandate, he has to take new actions, and those actions will be some big new weird phase.

Of course, that was always the plan. As stated, there is no possible way they thought the OSHA mandate would go through the court. It was a bluff and a preparatory stage for the next phase.

It’s all part of the plan.