Scottish Independence Party Wants More Non-Whites

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
December 20, 2013

ScottishIndependenceFirst minister Alex Salmond of the Scottish National Party (SNP) wants to enact a new immigration policy for Scotland, following the referendum next year.

The referendum on the 18th of September, 2014, asks Should “Scotland be an independent country?”

The new immigration policy proposed by the SNP would allow thousand of non-Whites from outside the European Union to flood into Scotland; Salmond claims that this prerequisite for White genocide is for economic reasons.

This policy would adopt a “points-based” system, which would encourage and reward non-Whites to move into remote areas (majority White areas), instead of just the inner-cities.

Another SNP politician, Humza Yousaf, external affairs minister, has claimed that “providing incentives” was part of a “fairer” immigration system.

Speaking of the “international migrants day”, Yousaf, who is half-Kenyan and half-Pakistani said “It’s important to celebrate the enormous contribution migrants have made – and will continue to make – to the Scottish economy, our culture and our society.

He claimed Migration is good for Scotland, going on to use the economic justification for genocide that his party seems to like using.

There are many unemployed Scots that struggle to find work or gain access to higher education, and if a government wanted a better economy it would choose to help its native White unemployed population.

Ater all importing millions of non-White immigrants and then trying to force assimilate them is not only bad for the Scottish economy in the long run, it is also GENOCIDE of White people -a picture that is very familiar around White countries today.

The figures from the Migration Observatory census profile showed that the country’s foreign-born (typically non-White) population increased by 93% in the last decade.