Scottish Crybabies Say They’ll Do Another Independence Vote Next Year

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 1, 2015

Jolly good then, mate.  We'll do it again then next year then mate.
Jolly good then, mate. We’ll do it again then next year then mate.

The most pointless media event of all was last year’s Scottish independence vote, which no one seemed to even understand the point of. Scotland had no clear qualms with the English, other than that they apparently hate them so they want to be their own country.

Now, they are ready for a second round.


The SNP will propose another independence referendum in its Scottish election manifesto, the former deputy leader has said amid fears over the party’s influence on Ed Miliband after the election.

Jim Sillars told The Telegraph party members will demand a promise to hold another vote on independence is the “first line” of the SNP’s 2016 Holyrood manifesto.

He said any other move would be “astonishing” and likely trigger a backlash from the tens of thousands of new members who joined after Scots voted to stay in the Union last September.

Reacting to the comments, Nicola Sturgeon indicated the SNP could pledge a second referendum in principle in a future manifesto but said it would not necessarily trigger an immediate vote.

I personally have a vested interest in this vote not happening again, as I don’t want to have to report on it in my newspaper.

At least in Catalan they have clear economic drives in their separation plot – though I tend to agree with Spanish nationalists that it’s treason.  Scotland has nothing at all.  If anything, this would hurt their economy, and the SNP itself has said they want to flood the territory with third worlders, so immigration isn’t the issue either.

What is it even about?  I have still yet to get a clear answer to that question.  Maybe one of our Scottish readers can inform us in the comments section.