Scott Adams Addresses the Democrats’ List of Enemies

Dilbert artist and Trump supporter Scott Adams has extreme highs and extreme lows.

Sometimes, he points out things that actually make me think, or give me some new insight. The list of (living) people who are able to do that is pretty short. Other times, I feel like I’m listening to some braindead normie.

Whatever his true nature is, he can be clever.

This was very clever:

At the same time, it speaks to a very real nightmare we are facing: the Democrats are presently putting us all on lists, and openly planning to punish us.

This came to light when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mused that Democrats need to keep track of people who are supporting Trump, and one of her followers responded with a claim that they are already making a list.

In fact, they are indeed making lists.

What are they planning on doing to the people on these lists?

No one knows, of course.

But the goal is obviously some form of punishment. If it wasn’t obvious from the basic concept of a list, one of the websites they’ve put together,, makes this clear, saying that anyone who helped Trump will “not be allowed” to “profit.”

What will the punishment be? Who knows, but it will probably be pretty bad.

It’s possible they will send us to camps.

With all forms of civil liberties and due process suspended for the coronavirus, they will have no trouble at all rounding us up – assuming we break our protest (another reason we MUST keep the protest going indefinitely).

One stupid thing I heard from Scott Adams: in the days before the election, he said that if Trump lost, it wouldn’t even ruin his day, and the country would continue.

Well, Scott – I think getting thrown in a camp will ruin your day, no?