Scotland’s TOP CUNT Promises a Second Secession Referendum “After Pandemic”

The good news for London is, the “pandemic” is never going to end.

Getting the global medical establishment, which is a direct extension of the United Nations and Bill Gates, to stop hoaxing the death toll would now be impossible, even if some government wanted to do it. It would be like trying to convince a one-eyed man to poke his eye out with a pair of scissors.

A two-eyed man, maybe you could convince. But a one-eyed man? He’s never gonna go for it.


Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is standing by her threat to hold a fresh referendum on independence if her party wins the May elections, despite Boris Johnson saying another one should not take place until at least 2055.

Sturgeon likened UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to a “cowering tim’rous beastie” – a line from the poem ‘To a Mouse’, about a scared mouse, by Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns – during an interview with the BBC on Sunday. The Scottish leader also accused Johnson of being “frightened of democracy” by opposing another Scottish referendum until at least 2055 – just over 40 years after the last referendum in 2014, when a 55 percent majority of Scots voted against independence.

“The polls now show that a majority of people in Scotland want independence,” Sturgeon declared, adding, “If the SNP win the Scottish election in a few months’ time on a proposition of giving people that choice, then what democrat could rightly stand in the way of that?”

She added, “Boris Johnson clearly just fears the verdict and the will of the Scottish people.”

She’s openly saying that she wants to do it so she can rejoin the EU.

There are few things more stupid than saying you want “independence” from Britain so you can join the EU.

Well, that’s not actually true. Global warming is stupider, coronavirus hoax is stupider, injecting children with hormones to turn them into trannies is stupider, nonwhite immigration is stupider. Actually come to think of it, most major events are stupider than this.

I guess it seems specifically stupid because it is so weird and random, and the purpose of it is confusing. They don’t seem to have any specific demand or reason to want to do it. It’s not about race, obviously – this cunt has been saying she wants more blacks and Arabs, like every cunt in every government. Furthermore, English people who moved to Scotland for work (or any other reason) were allowed to vote in the referendum.

But apparently, as farm people, Scotland is interested in looking cosmopolitan.

Or maybe it’s just totally random nonsense. It seems like it’s getting the cunt votes.

Here’s the thing: I support the discussion of it, because this is what American states need to be doing, for an actual reason. So I really do hope she keeps it in the headlines.

It’s not impossible, folks.

Scotland got a vote, and no one wanted it.

We can get a vote.

People do want it, in every red state.