Scotland: Women Succeed in Blackmailing Government Into Giving Them Free Vaginal Products!

No wonder Sean Connery left.

This is a disgrace.

Scotland has become a blight.

The Scotsman:

Scottish Labour’s Monica Lennon, who has campaigned for period products to be made free in public toilets and workplaces, expects to see her Bill approved by the Scottish Parliament after winning backing for it by the Scottish Government.

The Sanitary Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill, will introduce a legal right of free access to tampons and sanitary pads in schools, colleges, universities and other public buildings.

However Ms Lennon said that while the legislation will be “world-leading” and “ground-breaking”, schools should also offer “menstrual education” to all pupils to “end the stigma” of periods, and that she will work with trade unions to “improve period dignity in all workplaces”.

There is nothing more deranged and unhinged than women claiming to be oppressed by… God or nature or whatever, and claiming that having a period is some kind of unfair burden upon them.

What does it even mean?

Women provide absolutely nothing of value to society. All they do is make outrageous, nonsensical demands that men give them more, more, more. They also wage an endless campaign of disruption and abuse against men. They are actually maniacs, and they should be beaten, raped and forced into servitude.

Furthermore, if women are going to get free products for their stupid stinky goo holes when they go to the bathroom, men should also be able to receive free products in the bathroom, such as the latest releases of the top video games, or guns.

That’s called FAIRNESS.