Scotland: Silly Dyke Bitch Closes Borders to the Rest of the UK (Brown People Can Still Fly In)

Imagine being such a goy that it isn’t obvious to you that the government has exploited a fake crisis to seize total control and remove all freedoms of the masses of peasants.


Crossing the Scottish border will be illegal from today under sweeping new coronavirus restrictions branded ‘deeply flawed’ by critics.

As of 6pm on Thursday, entering or leaving Scotland without a reasonable excuse is banned and anyone caught doing so could be hit with a £60 fine.

The regulations have been criticised by opposition parties, which said they had ‘grave doubts’ about the competence of Scottish ministers to implement the legislation.

According to a draft document published on Thursday evening, anyone living in Scotland must not travel to any other part of the common travel area – England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland – nor can anyone from those places travel to Scotland.

People living within Level Three or Level Four lockdown areas – which includes vast swathes of central Scotland – are also not permitted to leave their area. This means they are banned from travelling overseas, including for holidays and to visit a second home, though people in tiers 0 to two are not.

The restrictions on cross-border and internal travel are accompanied by a lengthy list of exemptions.

Scots can leave the country – or their locked down area – to feed an animal, donate blood or take a driving test.

Of course, I can guarantee you that “New Scots” will still be allowed to be flown in by the millions. Because banning that would be racist.

And if there is one thing that is more important than stopping the deadly coronavirus, it is completely overwhelming and replacing the populations of white countries with random brown people from everywhere.

Limiting all travel between states is something that a President Joe Biden will do on day one if he is allowed to ascend to power. Americans need to know that when they are looking at this crazy European stuff, they are looking at their own future if we do not stop this steal.