Scotland: Schools Told to Help Four-Year-Olds Pretend They’re the Opposite Gender Without Telling Parents

The Scottish Matriarchy has a brilliant new strategy for helping the trans folks return their bodies to their correct form.

Of course, right-wingers are complaining about it, because the only thing they hate more than homosexuals is Science.


Scotland’s left-separatist Scottish National Party (SNP) government has issued official guidance to schools saying they can assist supposedly transgender pupils to change their gender identity from the age of four, without telling their parents.

In a 70-page document backed by controversial LGBTQ groups such as Stonewall, Scottish schools are advised by Scotland’s devolved administration — roughly equivalent to a state government in the United States — that children can “come out” as transgender “at any age”, and should be supported to change their gender identity even from the earliest year of primary school, where the youngest pupils are aged four or five.

“A transgender young person may not have told their family about their gender identity,” warns the guidance, as reported by The Telegraph.

“Inadvertent disclosure could cause needless stress for the young person or could put them at risk and breach legal requirements. Therefore, it is best to not share information with parents or carers without considering and respecting the young person’s views and rights,” it adds — essentially telling schools they should keep parents in the dark about helping their children “transition” unless the child in question says otherwise.

The guidance also suggests that supposedly transgendered pupils should be allowed to use the lavatory or changing room of their choice, despite potential safeguarding issues for biological females — particularly at high schools, where the youngest pupils would be pre-teens and the oldest over 18.

For Women Scotland campaign co-director Marion Calder described the guidance as “really, really worrying” and accused the Scottish Government of “pushing” a “dangerous ideology”.

It’s not an ideology, shitlord.

It’s pure Science, directly from the top.

Sometimes people are mysteriously born in the wrong bodies. Their soul is transferred by some malignant astral entity into the wrong flesh.

The Science is clear on this: an evil jokester from the ethereal realms is switching souls around, and it is our job as the government to ensure that we figure out which souls have been switched and then use injections and surgery to straighten things out.

If you would deny this, you might as well deny global warming.