Scotland National Party Condemns Brexit Deal, Says When They’re Independent They’ll Rejoin the EU

I guess Scotland is full of rural hillbillies with daughters who are ashamed of their hillbilly fathers and thus want to seem woke and worldly in an exaggerated way?

It’s generally confusing why they’re so aggressively in support of the worst things.

“We want to be independent so we can join the EU” is such a stupid statement that only a woman could ever formulate it.


The leader of the Scottish National Party in the UK Parliament has slammed Boris Johnson’s trade deal with the EU and vowed to vote against it in a complete U-turn on Brexit.

Speaking on Wednesday, Ian Blackford, SNP leader in Westminster, said that Scotland would soon be heading back into the European Union, having seen the PM’s “bad Brexit deal.”

“It’s the people of Scotland that are sovereign, and it’s the people of Scotland that will determine to take them back into the European Union with independence,” he stated during the five-hour debate on the European Union (Future Relationship) Bill in Parliament on Wednesday.

The SNP MP had already been cautioned by the speaker of the house for repeatedly interrupting Boris Johnson during his opening speech.

Once again calling for another referendum on Scottish independence from the UK, the MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber said that Scots had a very clear choice on their future.

“Which future will we choose? This broken Brexit Britain or the European Union? If this whole Brexit saga was truly about sovereignty then the Scottish people can’t and won’t be denied our sovereign right to that self-determination,” he asserted.

The fake Brexit is irrelevant, and Woke Scotland actually gives it more credibility by being against it.

But whatever.

British politics are totally retarded these days, and I can’t even force myself to be interested.