Scotland Moving to Ban Terrorist Leader Donald Trump from Entering the Country

Donald Trump’s mother was from Scotland.

But it’s really become a shithole.

The Scotsman:

A growing number of politicians across Scotland have backed calls to bar Donald Trump from entering Scotland and the UK in the wake of recent violence in Washington DC, describing him as a “dangerous criminal” who should face prosecution.

At least four MSPs across three parties have now supported an outright ban on the outgoing US president from flying into the country, intensifying the pressure on home secretary Priti Patel to stop Mr Trump from travelling here.

The warnings are especially acute during the coronavirus pandemic, with one MSP warning that Mr Trump would be putting rural communities at risk were he to visit in coming weeks.

Others, however, said once the pandemic is over, it should remain Mr Trump’s right to visit his Scottish properties, despite the fact he is a “dangerous man”.


Presumably, he’s going to be banned, and his properties are all going to be seized by the state. This is going to be the story in most countries.

Things are going to be very, very difficult for Donald Trump following his presidency.

He’s basically going to lose all of his money, and if he doesn’t flee to either Russia or China, he’s going to go to prison.

I think going to Russia and declaring himself “president in exile” is probably his best possible move.

You know what?

I don’t really even care that Trump made that gay ass denouncement statement. Obviously, that was the worst thing he’s ever done, but look at the man – he started the greatest riot in American history, and was just like “welp.”

Now, he’s going to lose absolutely everything. They’re already taking it away from him. They’re closing his bank accounts.

And as far as I can tell, he’s riding like Tupac, looking like he robbed Liberace.

Kamala Harris lied about listening to Tupac – meanwhile, Donald Trump IS Tupac.

I could never hate the man.

He’s just too funny.

There are still eight days left and I’ll bet my new hat Donald Trump lights this bitch up again before it’s over.