Scotland Mommy Continues Push for “Independence”

This bitch is so retarded.


After winning a pro-independence majority, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says she’ll “lead Scotland to independence,” no matter what London says. That process will be a hard slog, her predecessor Alex Salmond told RT.

“I hope to lead Scotland to independence,” Sturgeon told the BBC’s Andrew Marr on Sunday, adding that it would be “absurd and completely outrageous” for the Conservative government in London to go to court to block an independence referendum – a likely outcome if the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood passes its own legislation to hold an independence vote and Westminster disagrees.

Sturgeon has long banged the drum of independence, and has been rebuffed in recent years by both Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his predecessor, Theresa May. However, Sturgeon was celebrating victory on Sunday. While her Scottish National Party (SNP) fell one seat short (64 out of 129) of winning an overall majority in the country’s parliamentary elections, the pro-independence Scottish Greens picked up eight seats, meaning a majority of MSPs now support a second independence vote.

Sturgeon told Marr that she would move on independence after Scotland had dealt with the coronavirus pandemic. A day earlier, she appealed to her supporters to “patiently persuade our fellow citizens” of the case for an independent Scotland.

Alex Salmond likely knows a few things about patience. Salmond led the SNP before Sturgeon, and negotiated the failed 2014 independence referendum with then-Prime Minister David Cameron. Though Scottish voters rejected independence 55-45%, Salmond told RT on Sunday that even getting to 45% was a laudable achievement for his side.

“Support for Scottish independence was less than 30%” when Salmond began negotiations with Cameron in 2012, he explained. “During the referendum process it increased to 45%. Now in this election, support for Scottish independence is over 50%.”

“If we have a referendum, by arguing and articulating why independence would be good for Scotland, then we can increase that support much further.”

What is the point of this?

Within globalism, why have “independence”?

Well, because the globalist think tanks have declared they want to promote ethnic divisions within nation-states as a means to break down the concept of the nation-state.

This is Sunday, which is the day of rest, and I am resting by writing casually and not straining myself, so I’m not going to go wrestle with Google or Bing! or DuckDuckGo to try to find a specific source, but Davos-type and Soros-type people have talked about this at some length.

Promoting these independence movements not only damages the notions associated with the nation-state, but also presumably gives people more of a delusion that they have some kind of autonomy.

But imagine: Scotland is saying they want to leave Britain so they can join the EU, and it is all being driven by a stupid, short-haired cunt.

Pretty soon, every country is going to be run by a cunt.

The UK will probably bring back Theresa May.

Or maybe Tony Blair will go tranny and come back.

But no, seriously – you’ll find out that trannies aren’t really women when they won’t let them run countries.

I’m calling Priti Patel as the next big time mommy of Britain.

The UK government just rides Prime Ministers until they are too weighed down by scandal to move, and old Boris doesn’t have much time left. When the coronavirus thing comes to some kind of resolution, he’s going to have to step down for various “failures to address.”

When this “Great Reset” New World Order thing comes together, they want every major country to have a woman at the top of it as some kind of satanic gesture.

Maybe they’ll make Sturgeon the top dawg and the dirty rider.

They told you the future is female – you should have believed them.