Scotland: Man Sentenced to 2 Months in Jail for Writing Rude Postcard to Womyn

Daily Stormer
December 29, 2018

If you thought being arrested for carrying a potato peeler in public was the best the Scots can do – you’ve just been proven wrong.

Britain is the epicenter of global cuckdom, and the Scotcucks are doing more than their fair share to make sure it stays that way.


Falkirk, Scotland, resident Allan West spent Christmas day alone and got drunk, according to a court report by British state broadcaster the BBC.

Desiring company, the 64-year-old wrote and hand-delivered a Christmas card through his female neighbour’s postbox, inviting her to join him for the afternoon. West claimed he sent it, the second card he gave to the woman, “just to be neighbourly”.

And the strong independent womyn immediately went to the police over getting a postcard, for some reason…

Fun fact: Strong independent womyn do not exist in real life

Although the precise content and wording of the card was not reported, the BBC stated it was “obscene” and when asked whether it was an “appropriate” thing to write to a neighbour on Christmas day, West admitted it was not.

I am absolutely shocked that the media in Britain would be reporting about stuff like this, instead of reporting on their country being a giant open-air moslem rape camp.

It’s almost as if virtually all their newspapers and TV channels are controlled by racial aliens who hate them.

West’s defence counsel told the court: “He was alone on Christmas Day and he was hoping for some company.

“Inexplicably, through alcohol, he has sent something which caused her to call the police.”


See, this is what happens when you don’t smack your women, they see it as a weakness and try to figure out ways to get other men to hurt you.

West admitted sending a sexual written communication without the recipient’s consent at the Falkirk Sheriff’s court, a crime so serious he was sentenced to two months in prison.

How the hell is that even a crime?

And how the hell is it a crime that you go to prison for?

This is completely insane, and it’s also what you’d expect from a country run by women.

Women were designed by nature for a very specific – and very important – task of producing and caring for children, and the minute you let them do anything else, they turn into monsters and start destroying everything around them, without even realizing it.

WHITE SHARIA is the only sane solution.