Scotland: Man Fined for Hate Speech After Calling Another Man a Leprechaun

Apparently, Scots don’t walk around with their faces painted all the time, which is kinda disappointing…

Scotland is the global epicenter of freedom.

After breaking ground 2 years ago by introducing the freedom to get arrested for carrying a potato peeler in public, they’ve now introduced the freedom to not be legally allowed to call someone a leprechaun.

I’m sure those poor oppressed bastards in Hong Kong are looking at this with tears streaming out of their tiny, slanted eyes…

Evening Express:

An Aberdeen man has been fined after branding his ex partner’s new boyfriend a “leprechaun” in a threatening email.

Terry Myers, 41, appeared in the dock at Aberdeen Sheriff Court over the email, which made reference to the woman’s new partner being Irish and threatened to assault him.

Fiscal depute Susan Love said Myers had previously been in a relationship with the woman, but that they were no longer together and she had a new partner.

She told the court during Saturday morning the woman received an email from Myers in which “he made various threats to assault her new partner”.

This was a private email, and the strong independent woman he wrote it to immediately went to the police with it.

That’s why women like men in uniform – because they can arrest other men.

The fiscal depute added that within the email the accused referred to the man as a “leprechaun”.

She said: “This was found to be offensive as the man was born in Dublin.

“Myers pled guilty to sending a message to his ex partner that was grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character in that it used offensive and derogatory language to refer to her new partner and threatened to assault him.

The offence carried a racial and domestic aggravation.

I like how the focus is on him calling him a leprechaun instead of the supposed threats.

And if that guy were born in Belfast instead of Dublin, would it still be a crime?

What if he weren’t Irish at all, would it still be a problem then?

If you call a Romanian a leprechaun, do you get fined for that too, or do you have to call him something more nation-specific, like a strigoi?

These all sound like idiotic questions, but they’re a lot smarter than whoever wrote these hate speech laws.

Defence agent Iain Hingston said: “All of this arises out of one message or set of messages.”

He added: “There is a history between him and the man which is petty and pathetic, but he should not have used the words he did.”

Sheriff Ian Wallace fined Myers, whose address was given in court papers as Gregness Gardens, Aberdeen, a total of £280.

Even the guy defending him isn’t actually defending him!

I really can’t think of anything more petty and pathetic than thinking these are real laws that should exist in a real country.

Is this what Mel Gibson died for – so you weirdos in skirts can do stupid shit like this?

What’s wrong with you people?