Scotland: Majority of Actual Scottish People Voted Yes, Foreigners Swayed the Vote

Daily Stormer
April 2, 2015

Scotland: It's a pretty cool place, but the problem is there isn't enough Islam.
Scotland: It’s a pretty cool place, but the problem is there isn’t enough Islam.

Just people from a foreign nation determining the course of your country’s history. No biggie.

Daily Record:

A MAJORITY of voters born in Scotland said Yes to independence.

But nearly three-quarters of people from elsewhere in the UK voted No.

The biggest study yet of how Scotland made its historic decision on September 18 has found that the votes of people born outside Scotland were crucial to the result.

While 52.7 per cent of native-born Scots voted Yes, a massive 72.1 per cent of voters from England, Wales or Northern Ireland backed the Union.

There were more than 420,000 Britons from elsewhere in the UK living in Scotland when the last census was taken.

And if they cast their ballots in line with the findings of the Edinburgh University study,
more than 300,000 of them will have voted No.

That’s a significant number in a contest that ended with 2,001,926 votes for No and 1,617,989 for Yes.

Voters born outside the UK also rejected independence, with 57.1 per cent voting No.

SNP MSP Christian Allard, who was himself born in France, said: “Scotland is the country of everyone who lives here, regardless of where they were born, and we take decisions on our future together.

“The diversity of Scotland’s population is a matter for celebration.

“While we were disappointed with the result of the referendum, this study shows that a clear legacy has been greater political involvement, particularly among young people.

“And that is something to be proud of.”

“My political agenda failed because of foreigners, but at least our country is filled with foreigners.”


Anyway, I didn’t really know enough to support or not support the independence vote, but overall it seemed retarded and pointless, since the people pushing for it were actually more liberal and pro-invasion than London. Still, it is ridiculous to have foreigners in your country making your decisions for you.