Scotland: Government Wants to Make Emergency Powers Used Against Deadly Flu Permanent

The thing that is really so shocking about this is that no one could have predicted it.

Sputnik News:

Scotland’s devolved government has launched a bid to make its draconian pandemic emergency powers permanent.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon‘s Scottish National Party (SNP) administration announced a 12-week “consultation” on Tuesday on its plans to maintain sweeping powers over civil liberties.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney, who also holds the COVID recovery portfolio, claimed the powers to impose lockdowns, close schools, conduct criminal trials online and free convicted criminals form prison early were “beneficial” and “welcomed by people” in Scotland.

Those powers are set to expire in March 2022, but the regional Holyrood parliament — in which the SNP holds a majority and enjoys the support of the small Scottish Green Party — has the power to extend them.

“We want to ensure we remove measures no longer needed in order to respond to the pandemic whilst keeping those where there is demonstrable benefit to the people of Scotland,” Swinney claimed. “This is an opportunity to maintain changes that have been welcomed by people who now don’t want to lose transformations that have been innovative, beneficial, and increased access to services.”

Swinney said that while the pandemic had been “incredibly disruptive”, it was also “driving the pace of digital adoption, and in some cases more efficient ways of working”.

He called the exit from the lockdown “a unique opportunity to reimagine how health and social care, learning and justice services can be designed and delivered”.

Early in the pandemic, 348 prisoners were released up to 90 days early from prison — although those convicted of ‘COVID-related’ offences were excluded from that privilege. Former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray, who was jailed for reporting on the government’s failed attempt to jail former SNP leader Alex Salmond for rape, was this month denied early release on the grounds that he is was convicted of a civil offence and not a criminal one.

This is going to be standard across the world.

Because as Hoax Watch told you back in March of 2020, coronavirus is a permanent crisis.

If you simply look at what they are saying, you should be able to easily grasp the fact that it is totally impossible for there to be any finality. They have not created a path for the program to end. You don’t have to be a sociologist or a mathematician to see that: there is no path out of this, if there are an arbitrary number of mutant strains that beat the vaccines.

This will be the way the West dies. Period.

I don’t know how I’m still saying this same thing after 18 months.

Anyway – someone needs to tell me again about how the Taliban is evil for forcing women to cover their faces.