Scotland: First Weekend of Enforced Vax Passport an “Unmitigated Disaster,” Venue Staff Abused

Who would have guessed that chaos would ensue when groups of rowdy Scots are denied entry to a club because of this passport nonsense?


The first weekend of enforcement of Scotland’s vaccine passport scheme was an “unmitigated disaster”, according to a body representing night-time venues.

Venue staff refused entry to revellers without vaccine passports more than 550 times, and some staff were abused, the Scottish Hospitality Group said.

It said some venues decided to close early and footfall was down by up to 40%.

The Scottish government said the scheme was a “proportionate” health measure.

Ministers say it will encourage more people to get vaccinated against Covid-19 and ensure late-night venues can remain open during a “potentially very difficult” winter.

The vaccine certification scheme was introduced on 1 October but there was no enforcement during a 17-day “grace period” as venues adjusted to the new requirements.

The Scottish Hospitality Group, which opposes the scheme, said the first real test this weekend had been “one of unmitigated disaster”.

People should stop giving business to any venue that requires this satanic pass.

I’d feel dirty patronizing a place that required such a thing, even if I were able to get in without showing proof.

I’d also feel dirty because I’d have numerous NPCs shedding spike proteins all over my face.