Scotland: All Teachers to Take White Privilege Tests to “Decolonize” the Schools

After all of these years, it is amazing to finally see Scotland beginning the decolonization process.

They’re going to have to put in the work.

Sputnik News:

Teachers in Scotland were invited to take “white privilege” tests as a part of the government’s larger efforts to “decolonise” the school curriculum, according to the Times, which cited a new anti-racism framework for educators released Thursday.

As such, new guidance developed by the Scottish Government’s executive agency Education Scotland, purports to promote “race equality and anti-racist education” in schools.

It lists recommendations for Scottish educators that include providing entry-level students with diversity-themed dolls, dressing up clothes, books, as well as in “worked examples in mathematics” as children grow.

The agency also shares a link to “resources for practitioners” which, apart from everything else, discusses how to make mathematics “antiracist”.

Scotland’s current education minister

“Portrayals of diversity should avoid stereotyping groups,” the guidance claims. “Novels can portray strong friendships between characters from different ethnicities or have plots which challenge racial and other stereotypes. They can also develop the empathy of learners through sharing the lived experience of their peers.”

With the help of the anti-racist ‘toolkit’, the teachers have also been asked to consider their own “white fragility” – an apparent defensiveness by the white people when they are confronted about racial inequality that “safeguards a person’s privilege”.

Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville hailed the new framework as promoting and inspiring “a sense of belonging, inclusion and social justice”.

“Racism of any form has no place in Scotland,” she added.

White fragility is the big risk we face.

White people show their fragility as soon as you tell them they’re being replaced in their own countries and that they must submit or they will be punished.

They are so fragile that they don’t accept it, and this leads to even more racism.