Scorned by Twitter, Donald Trump Vows Revenge

So Donald Trump pointed out that mail-in ballots would lead to mass fraud.

It’s sort of a pretty obvious fact of reality. Not especially controversial. There are a lot of left-wing people saying that Trump will use the mail-in system to win the election because it makes fraud so easy.

Claiming that voter fraud is simply impossible is just stupid. Everyone knows that is stupid. The entire history of democracy is filled with voter fraud.

And ballot harvesting is a thing. I mean, come on.

But Twitter decided to go ahead and “fact check” the president, putting a label on his tweets saying he was spreading disinformation.

That link leads to a page claiming that… voter fraud is impossible through mail-in ballots? I guess?

They cite CNN and WaPo to make their claim.

It’s a very bold move, to just claim the president is a liar right there in his own tweets, and back up the claim using media that everyone knows hates him.

It’s notable that these are the same people who lied for over two years about Donald Trump being a Russian agent and also said that Trump or Russia “hacked the election” by releasing Democrat emails and posting on social media. The government recently admitted that Russia hacking emails was a baseless hoax, and Trump was of course cleared of charges of being a Russian agent last year. As far as social media posts influencing elections, well, you would think that if people can post on social media and influence elections, then the people that own the social media platforms can influence elections.

After the event, Trump lashed out and said that Twitter was engaged in election interference and stifling free speech.

I half expect that they’re going to fact check that.

The fact check was a very bold move by Twitter. I’m not really sure how to interpret it, but it looks to me like they’re saying, “bitch, you ain’t gonna do nothing.”

Which, I believe, is true.

It’s been almost a year since a leaked Google memo showed the company saying that it would prevent Donald Trump from being elected again. The memo said “how do we prevent this from happening again?” in relation to the Trump election.

It’s morbidly hilarious that Google has made this bit of news impossible to find on their search engine.

Compare it to Yandex.

Or Yahoo!

Or Bing.

These companies are just openly meddling in the election, aggressively, and they have been since the day Trump was elected.

The fact that the Daily Stormer and Alex Jones were censored has more to do with the fact that we both supported Trump than anything else. They claim otherwise, of course, but it’s pretty clear that this censorship was not really a thing before the election of Trump.

It kind of makes me sick how much I sacrificed for this man and how little he’s done for me in return.

But the thing is: he won’t even do anything for himself.

He could have these tech companies investigated. He could have the fake news media investigated. Instead we get this dumb Obama investigation, with the trickster AG Barr openly admitting that Obama won’t be prosecuted and this is just a circus sideshow.

I do not believe Trump is going to do anything about the censorship, even when it is being done directly to him personally. By putting this stupid “fact check” on his tweets, Twitter is just laughing in his face, knowing that he won’t do anything.

He’s a real dumb sonovabitch. If he loses this election, these people are going to put him in prison.

If I were him, I would have gone nuts as soon as the mass bannings started, because it was obviously always going to come to this. Instead, he did a stupid fake conference on social media censorship and then forgot about it. Now, even if he was able to do something, most of his big supporters have already lost their audiences, and there isn’t anywhere near enough time to get them back online and shilling for him before the election.

This is all just so stupid it makes me sick. So much of this is just unforced errors. The censorship should have always been the focus. It is the single most important thing.

We had a Constitution that gave us rights, and Trump has continually refused to defend it.