Scientists Say “Stellar Nurseries” are Raising Young Earth-Like Planets and Sun-Like Stars

“There! A stellar nursery! Now give me money.”

While people are feeling down about not having a job and being forced to remain in their houses, “scientists” are getting paid for saying that stellar nurseries may be raising young Earth-like planets.

Daily Mail:

The ‘odds are in favour’ of finding other young Earth-like planets, as experts have found that stellar nurseries contain more Sun-like stars than expected.

Experts from Sheffield studied groups of young stars in the Milky way to determine if they were typical when compared to other star-forming regions in the universe.

They then investigated whether the number of various stars in each group increased the chances of finding ‘magma ocean planets’ — which are like ‘baby’ Earths.

The findings may help scientists understand whether stars form in the same way throughout the universe  — and also shed light on how rocky, Earth-like worlds form.

This is the kind of content that the current system is set up to produce. These people enjoy some kind of elevated status where they are worshiped as SCIENTISTS despite mumbling incoherently about things they imagine may be happening in the sky, and no one appears to be calling them out on the absolute garbage that they “produce.”

And that is a problem, because for the same reason that people don’t question this space and galaxies stupidity, people are not questioning the insane graphs and DOOM predictions presented by the government when talking about coronavirus and the lockdown.

Coronavirus is only as dangerous as the flu, the lockdown was useless, and only old people die from the virus. Yet people are still not angry enough to demand the government and its experts explain what on Earth are they basing their actions on.

People are angry enough about some dead jogger though.