Scientists Say “Literally Ice Bolts from Diablo 2’s Sorceress Class” Heading Towards Earth

Interstellar visitor “Oumumua” is actually a space phallus made out of ice, according to SCIENCE.

I like to read what “scientists” and “researchers” say about space, galaxies, the universe, planets, and all things extraterrestrial because most of the time, it is absurd, absolute garbage way below the level of theories that random internet posters write every day all over the world — and that paints an accurate picture of the current state of SCIENCE.

The same SCIENCE that brought you “coronavirus is dangerous” and “the weather should always be exactly the same” is now presenting “projectile-shaped mega space objects made of ice are heading towards our solar system.”

Daily Mail:

The interstellar visitor named Oumumua may be made up entirely of hydrogen ice, something rarely seen in nature, according to scientists.

The ‘weird object’ was first discovered in 2017, sparking speculation over its origin and make-up, with theories ranging from a comet to a cigar shaped spaceship.

Yale astronomers developed a theory that aimed to explain the unusual properties shown by Oumuamua – they found it was effectively a ‘hydrogen iceberg’.

The team say this solid form of hydrogen seen flying through space is a ‘new kind of object’ but there will be more showing up in the solar system in the future.

Yes, just like the coronavirus “pandemic” appeared out of nowhere and experts are already talking as if there’ll be multiple future “pandemics,” this Oumuwhatever object appeared out of nowhere and there’ll be more showing up soon.

As soon as a once-in-a-lifetime unprecedented thing happens at random, you can bet that it is going to happen more and more.

It makes complete sense.

Oumumua has now passed beyond Saturn’s orbit but will take another 10,000 years before it leaves the solar system for its next interstellar destination.

Lead author Darryl Seligman, now at the University of Chicago, said the 900ft long object has several unusual properties including varying rapidly in brightness.

He said this suggested it was either saucer shaped or cigar shaped.

The team say it accelerated in a fashion similar to comet but showed no evidence of emitting gas or the billows of dust normally seen trailing a comet.

Seligman and co-author Gregory Laughlin say ‘Oumuamua’s behavior can be explained if it is composed of hydrogen ice.’ 

Great insight, Mr. Authors. I’m glad that you’re both getting paid for daydreaming about shiny dots in the sky while most of the rest of the people in the West are losing their jobs and their minds while watching both their future and their cities burning in the name of some dead jogger.

Or was it because of some virus? Or both?

Who knows. It doesn’t matter anyway. These people are going to keep getting paid for writing about projectile-shaped space objects made out of ice while their colleagues keep getting paid for pumping out one deranged death rate projection for the flu after the other, because this is what the system is set up to produce: smoke and mirrors.

The actual facts and the actual scientific data obtained through the actual application of the scientific method are being ignored by our rulers, and the real scientists who dare to bring attention to that fact are being silenced.