Scientists: Monkeys Evolved Distinct Faces to Prevent Interbreeding

Daily Slave
June 27, 2014

At the rate we are going White women may try to mate with this guy pretty soon.

According to this study, the natural order of things is for animals to mate with the opposite sex of the same species that have similar racial characteristics.  The same can be said for humans.  The Jews on the other hand want people to think that it is cool and trendy to sexually reproduce in the most unnaturally way possible.  This is one of the reasons why you see the continued promotion of race mixing in Hollywood films and television productions.

From Christian Science Monitor:

With bushy beards and funky blue, yellow or brown faces, guenon monkeys have some of the most colorful and quirky faces of all primates. A close study of more than 20 guenon monkey species reveals these sociable animals may rely on their distinctive patterns to prevent interbreeding.

“Animals use coloration and patterning for a whole host of different reasons, and we think guenons are using their patterns to recognize different species,” said study lead author William Allen, of the University of Hull in the United Kingdom.

Guenon monkeys live in the forests of Central and West Africa, eating mostly fruits, insects and leaves. Sometimes called cheek pouch monkeys, most guenons are the size of cats and dogs, and they forage in large groups of two or more different species. Each species has unique chirps, sneezes and whistles, but the monkeys learn other species’ warning calls like a foreign language, providing protection for all groups.