Scientists Find a New Piece of a Rock, Make Wide-Ranging Claims Regarding It

If you’re wondering where they come up with these dates, well then, you’re not the only one wondering about that.

Study Finds:

Archaeologists consider Oldowan and Acheulean stone tools to be the oldest existing examples of ancient technology. Now, a new study finds these prehistoric tools are likely older than anyone thinks. Researchers the University of Kent’s School of Anthropology and Conservation say the stone relics may be tens of thousands of years older than the original estimates.

Study authors say these new findings change a whole lot for archeologists. They may provide a new “chronological foundation” by which to understand how early humans began creating and producing stone tools. This new timeline also raises questions about the evolution of humanity’s technological capabilities. Rewriting the evolutionary timeline may also change the technological connection to dietary and behavioral changes that occurred simultaneously.

Pictured: Acheulean “hand axes.”

Researchers used newly devised statistical modeling methods to reach these new conclusions. It’s a notable leap forward, considering scientists have only recently introduced these techniques to the archeological world.

According to the new models, Oldowan stone tools originated between 2.617 and 2.644 million years ago. That’s anywhere from 36,000 to 63,000 years earlier than the currently accepted evidence indicates. Meanwhile, study authors estimate Acheulean tools appeared between 1.815 and 1.823 million years ago (at least 55,000 years earlier than believed).

“Our research provides the best possible estimates for understanding when hominins first produced these stone tool types. This is important for multiple reasons, but for me at least, it is most exciting because it highlights that there are likely to be substantial portions of the artifact record waiting to be discovered,” says lead study author Dr. Alastair Key, a Paleolithic Archaeologist, in a university release.

They just put this sort of thing out there, and just expect people to accept it.

“Oh, these tools are 36,000 years old – oh no, actually, they’re 3 million years old, maybe!”

But whichever thing they are saying you’re supposed to accept at the time that they say it and simply say “oh that’s fascinating.”

No mask, one mask, two mask, three mask – just follow the science!

The actual reality is that science does not “say” anything. Science is a method of inquiry.

We were all supposed to learn this in I think third grade.

The entire earth is covered with gigantic stone structures that archaeologists claim were built by apelike cave creatures.

Have you heard of Saqsaywaman?

It’s this:

It’s built on top of a mountain.

Those stones are fitted so well together, you can’t slide a piece of paper between them.

This is what conquistador Francisco Pizarro wrote of it:

Pn top of a hill they [the Inca] had a very strong fort surrounded with masonry walls of stones and having two very high round towers. And in the lower part of this wall there were stones so large and thick that it seemed impossible that human hands could have set them in place…they were so close together, and so well fitted, that the point of a pin could not have been inserted in one of the joints. The whole fortress was built up in terraces and flat spaces.

Much of the structure was taken apart by the Spanish at the time, but look at what is there now:

It looks like the base of a massive structure, which could have been built hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago, and collapsed over time.

So-called “science” claims that the people who were living in the structure when the Spanish arrived must have been the ones that built it. That they built it in the 15th century.

The “Incas.”

That is, these people:

Who more recently built this:

I’m not trying to make fun. Indio mountain people are actually kind folks, they’re a bit like Filipinos or something. They’re much more pleasant than the “Latinos” that pour across the Southern border.

But the average IQ of Peru is 82, which is slightly lower than American blacks. The idea that they built these gigantic stone structures, using some method that we still can’t explain today, is factually absurd.

I just picked one random example here. There are gigantic stone structures all over the world. And you cannot date a rock, using any method of dating

Nb4 “Brilliant and enlightened female genius figures out a way to date a rock.”

(Editor’s Note: I told you guys – we’re doing jokes, okay? We’re bringing back jokes. So you can just choke on that one.)

This entire narrative of history is just clearly false.

There was a global civilization that built these stone buildings, and we have no idea how long ago it was.

All this stuff they come out with about “oh, we found a rock” is just to keep with this false narrative that humans were living in caves, then farms, now cities, and that you are now at the peak of civilization. You are not at the peak of civilization. You are at the tipping point of a collapsing empire made of plastic and birth control pills.