Scientific Poll Reveals the Public’s Favorite Daily Stormer Domain Name

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2018

Since Charlottesville, the Daily Stormer has been banned from numerous domain registrars located around the world. It has become the most censored website in the history of the tubes.

Just recently, I commissioned a scientific poll asking the general public their favorite World War II method of Holocausting Jews. The poll proved quite popular as it generated much needed public debate about this very important topic.

As a result of the poll’s popularity, I decided that it would be worth commissioning new scientific polls on a semi-regular basis.

Due to the fact that these Christ-killing kikes keep getting the Daily Stormer thrown off of new domains, I wanted to find out what the public’s favorite Daily Stormer domain name would be. That’s because unlike the demonic Jew parasites, the Daily Stormer is all about the people.

The public was asked to select their favorite choice from five of the most heavily requested Daily Stormer domain names. The response was overwhelming.

Here are the results.

  • dailystormer.1488 – 35%
  • dailystormer.nigger – 23%
  • dailystormer.kike – 22%
  • dailystormer.nazi – 11%
  • – 10%

The public also expressed support for, dailystormer.gas, dailystormer.jew, dailystormer.kkk, dailystormer.fgt and dailystormer.gtkrwn among others.

But out of all of the choices, dailystormer.1488 was the most popular with a strong showing from dailystormer.nigger and dailystormer.kike right behind it.

Unfortunately, many of the top level domains listed above have not been approved by ICANN. This means it is not possible to register these domains which sadly includes dailystormer.1488.

ICANN’s management should resign in disgrace for not having activated the .nigger top level domain.

I had originally thought that the .nigger top level domain name was already in service but it turns out that I was in error. I personally believe that ICANN has disgraced itself by not yet making the .nigger top level domain available for public use. If you have .gov and .edu available it is only common sense to have  .nigger.

The results of this poll have been forwarded on to the Daily Stormer management team and its board of directors in Lagos, Nigeria. They have informed me that an exploratory committee will be formed to look into the possibility of working with ICANN to stand up the top level domains of .1488, .nigger and .kike. It is expected to be a subject of conversation brought up at the quarterly board meeting.

As always, we encourage public comment on any and all subjects. Please feel free to give us your thoughts on these poll results in the comment section.

Editor’s Note: This is a satirical article, no such poll exists.