Science Un-Racists White Babies in New White Genocide Program

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
August 25, 2015

A typical White baby at six months old, first learning how to use Zyklon-B
A typical White baby at six months old, first learning how to use Zyklon-B

So your evil White baby is hating-on coloureds at only three-months old? No worries at all, because science can cure that!

Thanks to scientists forgetting about Mars travel, curing cancer and stuff, a whole new cucked branch of boffins have been busy figuring out how to take the Nazi out of your White baby.

That’s right! It’s too good to be true!

You no longer have to worry about giving birth to the next Hitler, or Eva Braun, and risk the blood of six-million-and-a-half-billion dead Jews staining your hands. By simply turning your baby over to the ‘de-racialization’ unit of the hospital you can prevent your bub from ever growing up to lynch Negroes with a confederate flag.

The Daily Mail, which sucks worse than anything else on earth, smugly reports how a University of Delaware scientist has struck on a dead-easy exercise that can “undo unconscious racial bias” in tykes.

Cuckolded faggot Paul Quinn spent a decade of his worthless existence wasting endless dollars researching how infants classify race and gender. See, Paul figured out that White babies learn to be Nazis while they’re still kicking around inside the Hitler’s bunker of their momma’s womb.

Part of his genius SPLC-funded studies figured out at six months’ old bubs classify faces into three groups — Caucasian, Dindu, and Asian. But sadly, by the time these babies hit the dreaded nine-month mark, they’ve already become Nazis who want to genocide the non-White babies.

Of course, given the rarity of actual White babies to experiment with, Quinn had to conduct his studies by substituting the White babies with tiny Adolf Hitler dolls that he purchased off the Internet from a Hong Kong trader.

“Might these perpetual biases we see in infants be related to the social biases that we see in older kids, beginning at three or four years of age, and adults?” Quinn babbled while his eyes spun counter-clockwise. “And if they are, can we use a technique to reduce bias?

“As we tried to answer this question, we hit on the idea that if the perceptual and social biases are linked, we might be able to reduce the social bias by perceptual means.”

Or in other words, by abusing the White babies…

A baby undergoes a kind of Ludivico's Technique, where it learns to stop wanting to genocide Mike Brown
A suspiciously non-White baby is substituted for the camera since the hospital couldn’t find any actual White babies to use for this supporting pic

By strapping the bewildered White babies down and forcing them to look at pictures of Mike Brown and Asians, Quinn found that the babies tended to scream loudest when confronted with the dindu, and less louder with the rest.

He found that if held the babies’ noses tightly till they stopped breathing and screamed at them “YOU EVIL RACIST BABY!” under threat of being suffocated and abused again, they were less likely to make a fuss when he showed them mugshots of dindu killers.

“This process of getting the kids to respond to the African faces as individuals, not as a category, only takes 15-30 minutes, and it made a significant difference,” Quinn cackled darkly as he logged onto Ashley Madison to check out black women.

“It suggested that what is a social bias has visual perceptual components and that can be disrupted.”

President Obama is said to be so pleased with the results that he is planning to make the therapy mandatory for all White babies, along with circumcision, and barcode implants.