Science: Turns Out That Calling White Men “Racists” and “Bigots” Only Makes Them Angrier

Daily Stormer
November 16, 2016



Was ensuring the rise of Nazism part of your plan?

Jews used to be so good at brainwashing the stupid goyim. Their theorists, like Freud and Edward Bernays, studied the intricacies of goy behavior and thinking in order to develop subtle but effective manipulation methods. They implemented those methods in advertising, television, Hollywood and education to great success.

Everything was going according to plan.

Yet now, White Men are revolting against the Jewish cultural Marxist agenda on a large scale.


What happened?

In their hubris, the Jews pushed too hard, too fast, giving rise to the SJW movement. These brainwashed and radicalized creatures, their hearts filled with blind hatred for White males, then proceeded to attack us directly, foregoing any notion of subtlety or diplomacy.


It seems that when directly attacked, instead of being guilt-tripped, White men tend to fight back.

These people have a lot of walking back to do.


In 2016, researchers stumbled on a radical tactic for reducing another person’s bigotry: a frank, brief conversation.

That’s strange. Whenever I have a brief, frank conversation with people, they become more bigoted as a result. I guess I must not be frank in the right way.

The study, authored by David Broockman at Stanford University and Joshua Kalla at the University of California Berkeley, looked at how simple conversations can help combat anti-transgender attitudes. In the research, people canvassed the homes of more than 500 voters in South Florida. The canvassers, who could be trans or not, asked the voters to simply put themselves in the shoes of trans people — to understand their problems — through a 10-minute, nonconfrontational conversation. The hope was that the brief discussion could lead people to reevaluate their biases.

Maybe you should reevaluate your bias against cancer, too. I mean, put yourself in the shoes of those poor tumors. Wouldn’t you do the same?

Wow. I guess this is why people don’t overcome their biases when they talk to me.


Somehow, I don’t think this is what they had in mind.

It worked. The trial found not only that voters’ anti-trans attitudes declined but that they remained lower three months later, showing an enduring result. And those voters’ support for laws that protect trans people from discrimination increased, even when they were presented with counterarguments for such laws.

In other words, they were emotionally manipulated and guilt-tripped into pandering to the delusions of mentally ill degenerates.

This is the direct opposite of the kind of culture the internet has fostered — typically focused on calling out racists and shaming them in public. This doesn’t work. And as much as it might seem like a lost cause to understand the perspectives of people who may qualify as racist, understanding where they come from is a needed step to being able to speak to them in a way that will help reduce the racial biases they hold.


No, please, keep harassing “fucking White males.” You’re doing wonders for our movement’s growth.

The first thing to understand is how white Americans, especially in rural areas, hear accusations of racism. While terms like “racist,” “white privilege,” and “implicit bias” intend to point out systemic biases in America, for white Americans they’re often seen as coded slurs. These terms don’t signal to them that they’re doing something wrong, but that their supposedly racist attitudes (which they would deny having at all) are a justification for lawmakers and other elites to ignore their problems.

They believe that all White civilization in history was “racist” and “bigoted,” and that only some future hypothetical utopia will be free of racism. Thus, when you boil it down, “racist” is indeed just a slur for “White people.”

So it’s no wonder we feel that way.

“Telling people they’re racist, sexist, and xenophobic is going to get you exactly nowhere,” said Alana Conner, executive director of Stanford University’s Social Psychological Answers to Real-World Questions Center. “It’s such a threatening message. One of the things we know from social psychology is when people feel threatened, they can’t change, they can’t listen.

Yeah, who would listen to the advice of their avowed enemies?

Sorry, Timmy, but nobody wants to hear you any longer. Then again, laughing at your idiotic ramblings on your little-read blog is quite fun.

You’re privileged and your ancestors were evil. Trust me goyim, I’m your friend.

The initial brainwashing campaign only worked because they were basically concern trolling us while pretending to be on our side. Now that the mask has come off, the Jews and their shabbos goyim have lost all credibility.

The innate resistance and defensiveness to conversations about bigotry don’t mean that you should never talk about racism, sexism, homophobia, or other kinds of hate. But those conversations may have to be held more tactfully — positioning people into a more receptive position to hear what these problems are all about.

Great strategy, Kikes.

Unfortunately for you, it’s a bit late for that now. You should have told your guys to chill, like, 20 years ago.

The cat is sorta out of the bag by now.

And the backlash is here.

Donald lol