Science Says Brain Surgeons and Rocket Scientists Aren’t Really That Smart

The British take ideas from American Jews and somehow make them even more ridiculous.

American Jews are like “math is racist because black people can’t do it.”

Brits are like “hold my beer.”


Considering a career in brain surgery or rocket science? It might well be within reach.

Members of both professions aren’t necessarily more clever than the general public, according to a study.

Researchers asked 329 aerospace engineers and 72 neurosurgeons to complete a series of tasks to test their cognition.

The results, published in the British Medical Journal, show few differences with members of the British public.

Researchers said their study was partly carried out to see which profession had the intellectual edge.

It also sought to find out if public perceptions of the sectors were grounded in reality.

With both sectors predicted to be understaffed in coming decades, researchers suggested that questioning stereotypes could benefit future recruitment in scientific fields.

Professionals from both groups were assessed online in six cognitive domains, using a ‘Great British Intelligence Test’ originally devised at Imperial College, London.

The test looked at areas like working memory, attention and emotion processing, and respondents were asked about their age, sex and industry experience.

I guess a regular IQ test wouldn’t have worked because it doesn’t take “emotion processing” into account.

There’s nothing more important in brain surgery than “emotion processing.”