Science: New Museum Exhibit Proves Race is a Social Construct

Daily Stormer
May 15, 2017

After figuring out the science of racism, Tyrone will focus on developing artificial watermelon.

The problem with racism is that if you don’t remind people non-stop that they hate Blacks because of the color of their skin, they’ll tend to forget.

And that would be really, really bad.

Because when Whites forget about their terrible hatreds, a new holocaust is never far off.

How good of Jews to create this museum to eternally remind us about why and how we’re evil – with 100% legit science, of course.

Science News:

In a famous series of experiments conducted in the 1970s, social psychologist Henri Tajfel asked how little it would take to persuade one group of people to discriminate against another. The answer was almost nothing. Having assigned boys to two groups based largely on random criteria, he asked them to play a game. Each boy had to decide how many pennies to give to members of his own group and to members of the other group. Tajfel found that the boys were more generous toward their own group, even though the groups had been defined almost arbitrarily. Thus was born the concept of the “minimal group.”

So, let me get this straight.

Scientists have found out that any group division automatically leads to discrimination even if the division is completely arbitrary?

Doesn’t that mean that stopping racism is impossible?

I mean, this would mean that discrimination is an instinct deeply embedded in the human psyche. The only way to prevent “racism,” then, would be to eliminate all groups. No races, no genders, no characteristics, no professions, no personality traits…

Just turn all of society into a homogeneous gray goo.

Sounds familiar?

Surprising precisely no-one, the author of this study is a rat-faced Jew.

Tajfel’s research informs a new, temporary exhibit at the Musée de l’Homme in Paris. Titled “Us and Them,” the exhibit explores the science of racism and prejudice. The question at its heart is why, when biologists have swept away the rationale for categorizing humans by race, does racism persist? The exhibit draws on genetics, history, psychology, sociology and anthropology to answer that question. And in both its content and its structure, “Us and Them” reminds visitors how far society has come since the second half of the 20th century, when UNESCO declared that there was no biological basis to race and that the concept was purely a social construct.

Will you believe us, goyim, or your lying eyes?

The multimedia, interactive exhibit, presented in both French and English, is divided into three parts. The first is designed to make people question their own prejudices by explaining the psychological concept of essentialism. Essentialism is the tendency we have, as we move through and classify a complex world, to reduce others to a single descriptor (“woman,” “black,” “immigrant”), thus making it easier to navigate that world. A mock-up of an airport lounge, in which passengers walk through differently labeled doors, reveals how context-dependent that choice of descriptor is. Having been confronted with the idea that a person may belong to more than one group, visitors are then forced to reflect on whether fixed groups — including races — with measurable differences between them even exist.

“You’re a woman, and you’re White – therefore gender and race are social constructs.”

Talk about brainwashing.

That’s like saying that because there’s a spectrum of colors, and no way to clearly draw the line between “green” and “yellow,” then it means that there’s is no such thing as colors at all.

“Science has proven that color is a social construct!”

This is hardcore Kikery.

I mean, you have to be very “educated” to believe something this stupid.

The exhibit moves on to explore how race has been constructed in different societies at different times in history and how those constructs have been taken up by states to justify institutionalized racism. It does so through a few 20th century examples, including Nazism in Europe and the Rwandan genocide of the 1990s. To learn about each one, visitors must enter a windowless, claustrophobic enclosure, re-creating what it feels like to be on the receiving end of that racism.

How is this not brainwashing? Did they hook up their nipples to a car battery too?

The final part of the exhibit brings the story full circle by asking what racism means today. It is only at this point that genetics enters the discussion. Visitors are reminded that, from geneticists’ perspective, human races don’t exist. For instance, there is roughly the same genetic difference between two Europeans from the same village as there is between a European and an African. The visible differences between us are the cumulative result of genetic, environmental and cultural influences over long periods of time, but rarely do we consider these factors together, which can lead to discrimination on the basis of one or another. A “data room” displays recent statistics illustrating that discrimination, by showing, for example, that the children of immigrants to France enjoy fewer employment opportunities than people whose parents were born there.

It’s incredible how these people can just lie so boldly and expect that no one will call them out on it.

Anyone can get a precise racial composition analysis done these days.

Forensics specialists can determine someone’s race from a tooth or a single drop of blood.

Any geneticist knows very well that race is real and has strong biological markers.

The only argument you hear from some scientists who are forced to be politically correct is something like this: “well, humans from different races have a lot of DNA in common, therefore race doesn’t real.”

Of course, it’s true that humans share a lot of genetic material. We also share 98.8% of our DNA with chimpanzees. That’s a meaningless argument.

Two White parents never have Negro or Chink offspring. That right there completely destroys the “race doesn’t real” argument.

Don’t be surprised, honey – don’t you know that you share more DNA with a random African tribesman than with your own cousin? This is totally normal!

Nobody’s buying this Jew nonsense.

That’s why they have to cram it down our throat with endless museums, Hollywood propaganda films and school indoctrination sessions.