SCIENCE! is Getting Dumber by the Minute

This is a regular headline in a mainstream SCIENCE! publication:

There remains no evidence for “dark matter,” like there is no evidence for black holes.

The Jew Avi Loeb admits that right at the start of his article:

The label “dark matter” encapsulates our ignorance regarding the nature of most of the matter in the universe. It contributes five times more than ordinary matter to the cosmic mass budget. But we cannot see it. We infer its existence only indirectly through its gravitational influence on visible matter.

This is all based on assumptions about the origin of the universe, which are totally unfounded.

It is also based on the idea that gravity is the most important force in the universe, which is also unfounded.

There are several key assertions from Albert Einstein (Jew) which remain at the core of astrophysics, despite having been disproved, and that leads to all of this complicated math which makes all of these weird claims that don’t make any sense.

All of our institutions are totally corrupt, and SCIENCE! is no different.

These people are telling you that trannies are scientific. They are hoaxing global warming and the coronavirus pandemic. They are inventing black holes and other nonsense.

People are getting degrees in Advanced Gibberish not just in social sciences but in supposed “hard” sciences.

Meanwhile, they’re promoting lunatic plots, like implanting a computer chip in your brain and uploading your consciousness to a computer.

This is all totally out of control.