Science: Girls Start Puberty Earlier Than They Did in the 1970s Because They’re Fatter

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2020

“Raise your hand if you’re menstruating!”

In a few decades, girls will start menstruating by the time they finish kindergarten.

They’ll weigh about 150 pounds by that time too.

Daily Mail:

Girls are starting puberty nearly a year earlier than they did four decades ago, research suggests.

Scientists believe the global obesity epidemic may be to blame for this because being overweight skews the hormones in the body.

The researchers, from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, assessed data from 38 studies involving tens of thousands of girls from around the world.

Each study examined when the development of glandular breast tissue – which is known in medical terms as ‘thelarche’ and is a key marker of the onset of puberty – began to take place.

This was found to have crept forwards by three months per decade between 1977 and 2013.

Puberty among girls generally starts between the ages of eight and 13. But in Europe, the most recent studies found that the average age of onset among girls is now about ten years.

Boys tend to start puberty slightly later than girls – about a year on average.

If you asked your grandmother or great-grandmother about the age of her first period and then told her that nowadays 8-year-old girls can start menstruating, she’d be quite shocked.

It may sound like a weird thing to ask a grandma, but grandmas, in general, love all of this “then and now” talk.

The researchers told JAMA Pediatrics medical journal: ‘The ongoing global obesity epidemic could partially explain the observed change in age at pubertal onset assessed as age at thelarche.’

They pointed to US research, published in 2017 in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, which found that obese girls were more than twice as likely to start puberty early than those of normal weight.

This is thought to be because being overweight causes insulin resistance, which in turn increases levels of the sex hormone oestrogen, which is key in puberty. Obesity rates are soaring across the world as junk food becomes more readily available and income levels increase in developing countries.

The Danish researchers, however, pointed out that obesity is not the only theory as to what is driving early puberty. Chemicals in the environment –including ‘endocrine [gland]-disrupting’ chemicals – are another possible cause. Many of these, such as insecticides DDT and DDE, have been banned but remain as pollutants in the soil.

Changes in age at pubertal onset may serve as a sensitive indicator of environmental influences on human health,’ the team of researchers wrote.

‘The banned but persistent chemicals such as DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) and DDE (dichloro-diphenyldichloro-ethylene) have been associated with earlier age of puberty.’

Weird chemicals, plastics, polluted air, soy, and plenty of other stuff all play some role in the massive siege to the human hormonal system.

Remember that with puberty comes sexual thoughts, so these girls who are going through puberty at such a young age become easy prey for the slut-producing cultural system that surrounds the West.

It’s not just that they want to talk about sexual stuff to young children while using “sex ed” as an excuse.

It’s also that everything’s set up to make young children receptive to sexual stuff.

If you told a healthy primitive man that he should stop raping women because they’re his equals, he’d laugh in your face.

But if you first compromised his hormonal system and made him fat and emotional, his sense of empathy would be corrupted and he’d be touched by your words.

“What if she were my mommy all along?”

Modernity attacks us from every direction.

We are under siege.