School Shooter Repeatedly Texted His Mother About “Demons”

The gate to hell is already open.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that demons are urging autistics to shoot up schools.

New York Post:

Michigan school shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley texted his mother about “demons” and “ghosts,” just one of several disturbing signs his parents ignored leading up to the tragic slaughter at Oxford High School

The 15-year-old videotaped himself torturing animals, made Molotov cocktails at home, and drew a sketch of himself shooting up his school in his journal, Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor Marc Keast said in court.

Crumbley also once texted a friend “it’s time to shoot up a school JK,” the Detroit Free Press reported.

The boy is accused of killing four students and a teacher, and hurting six others in the Nov. 30 shooting.

The revelations about the teen’s behavior in the months leading up to the attack came as Keast successfully argued that the court should not reduce the $500,000 bond set for parents Jennifer and James Crumbley.

The pair, who have been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter, are accused of allowing their son access to the 9mm handgun he alleged used to massacre his classmates, and ignoring key warning signs before the attack.

Keast said the March texts describing a demon or ghosts in the house were sent multiple times, and sometimes it would take Jennifer Crumbley hours to reply, according to Fox 2 Detroit. He also wrote several times about demons in his journal, The Sun reported.

Frankly, the charges against the parents seem to me to be a bit much.

They probably weren’t very good parents, but the suggestion that parents have really any control at all over their children’s behavior in the current year is kind of outrageous.

All of the major influences on a child come from outside of the home.

Yeah, if he was unhinged, they shouldn’t have let him play with guns. But that seems more like negligence than “accessory to murder.”

Unless the parents were actually training him in satanism, or encouraging him to commit murder, I think this is kind of political. They’re pushing responsibility off of a broken society onto members (also themselves victims) of a broken society.

We are all victims of this society. That is a fact. It’s not an excuse. But it is a fact.

None of us deserved any of this.