School of Landwhales to Hold “Anti-Diet Festival” in London

Daily Stormer
November 28, 2019

I don’t know what kind of activities they’re gonna do there, but I do know none of them will involve a lot of moving around.


Hands up who have at least once said ‘I’m going on a diet’. That’s everyone yes? We thought so.

With so many fads around and with body ideals flaunted in practically every newspaper, magazine and website, it’s fair to say we’re all under a bit of pressure to look a certain way.

Becky Young, founder of the Anti Diet Riot Club, however, is raising the middle finger to diet culture with a support group that educates instead of shames.

This is her:

Like virtually all fat people, she is too dumb to realize that instead of “going on a diet” she should make some permanent changes to what she eats.

Otherwise, if you lose weight by starving yourself, and then start shoveling food in your mouth like before, you’ll get fat again.

Becky told Metro: ‘After 15 years of dieting and losing and gaining weight countless times, I eventually found the body acceptance community on blogs and Instagram and it completely changed my outlook on what I had been doing to my body and mental health.

‘Through this I was able to find some peace with my body and with food, and I wanted to create my own little body positive network outside of social media.’

This January marks two years since the club was launched to try to combat society’s obsession with diet culture, thinness, beauty ideals and fatphobia – and to celebrate they’re throwing a festival.

Society is nowhere near as “obsessed” with thinness as it should be, or else vermin like you wouldn’t be promoted endlessly in the mass media.

The one-day event takes place in January and will be a day of inspiring and challenging talks along with several creative workshops that will takeover Shoreditch space Colours.

Becky hopes that with the ‘New Year, New You’ nonsense looming, the club will convince those thinking of ditching what they love for green juices, to think twice.

This is another thing fat people have in common with crabs, apart from the general outline and the funny way of walking – when one of them tries to crawl out of the bucket to freedom, the others do their best to pull it back in.

Can’t have people knowing that “muh genetics” can’t really do much if you don’t stuff your face with junk food every day.

And that juicing thing is completely retarded, not only because you can’t realistically do it for too long but also because, depending on what exactly it is you’re juicing, you’re getting very few nutrients in your body.

Fasting with nutritional yeast would make more sense as a quick, short-term solution, but the real problem is what you eat in the long-term.

If you only temporarily stop eating like a pig, you’ll only temporarily stop looking like a pig.

Described as a real-life body positive community, Anti Diet Riot Club is designed to be a support group and raise awareness for the anti-diet movement.

‘Our aim is to educate as many people as possible about the serious potential consequences of dieting on your body and your mental health and to inspire people to respect and love themselves no matter what they weigh,’ says Becky.

‘We want to influence government policy to help protect young people from the damaging messaging from diet culture, to reduce weight stigma, and to increase representation of bigger bodies’.

In addition, Becky hopes the club will teach people how damaging dieting can be and inspire people to accept their bodies no matter their weight.

I said earlier that these stupid short-term diets don’t work, and I was right like I always am, but you’d still be better off trying those than being obese.

That we live in a society where things that reduce your capacity to function in every regard and slice decades off your lifespan can be openly promoted as healthy really says a lot about how much Jews screwed us up.

Talks at the festival will feature the likes of campaigner and naked beach presenter Molly J Forbes, award-winning writer and blogger Stephanie Yeboah, activist and Pink Protest co-founder Honey Kinney Ross take to the stage discussing everything from intuitive eating to male body image, disability, beauty, ugliness, race, sexuality and activism.

Workshops will include anti-diet life drawing classes, self-care explainers, feminist embroidery sessions, beginners yoga and creative writing and journaling, among others.

So basically they’re gonna sit around and talk gibberish about themselves.

In terms of the future, Becky is extending her reach after her team managed to crowdfund over £16,000 to build a bus that will help spread the word of the club through sharing circles, creative classes and plus size clothing swaps up and down the country.

Though the cause is primarily to educate, the ethos is also to fight back.

Becky explains: ‘If you want to help improve people’s body image and rebel against diet culture, then first start looking at and questioning the language you use around bodies and food.

‘One small act of resistance is to stop labelling food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, or saying things like ‘I’ve just worked out so now I’m allowed to eat this snack’, because that feeds the narrative that we only deserve to eat if we’re trying actively to shrink ourselves.

‘Unfollow any social media profiles that make you feel bad about your body and fill your social media feeds with a diverse range of people, who inspire you to live a life that’s right for you rather than conforming to look/be/eat like everyone else.’

See, this is why the people who invented democracy didn’t let women vote.

Whenever you let women off the leash, they immediately start decaying in both mind and body, and then do these kinds of hysterics to make normal people – men and normal women alike – pretend this filth is normal.

Losing weight or not gaining it in the first place isn’t complicated, hence why landwhales like these ones were virtually non-existent until around 60-70 years ago, and even then they were usually older women who became fat from giving birth multiple times.

And believe it or not – turning back into a human being is actually much more satisfying than going insane trying to find reasons why not being able to wipe your ass without a stick is actually a good thing.

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