School Nurses Must Buck the System to Protect Children from Deadly Coronavirus

You notice that the talk of somehow ending the supposed “coronavirus pandemic” is completely gone now.

There is also not really any talk of deaths anymore, making “catching the virus” (read: testing positive on a PCR test) a kind of voodoo curse.

It’s a permanent crisis, which requires continual and endless crisis management.

There remains no evidence that there is a pandemic or that the coronavirus exists.

Of course, we cannot discuss the mental and physical effects that wearing masks has on children. None of that matters. The only thing that matters is preventing a positive PCR test. We would sacrifice the lives of a million children to save one child from a positive PCR test.

NBC News:

Florida’s Hillsborough County Public Schools have had students in classrooms for only two weeks, and yet Katherine Burdge, a school nurse for the district, said she’s more stressed out than at any other point during the coronavirus pandemic.

The district, the eighth largest in the U.S., has had to isolate or quarantine more than 13,485 students and employees since the start of August, and more than 2,650 of them have tested positive for Covid-19. In response, the Hillsborough County school board ordered a more restrictive mask mandate Wednesday after hours of debate, defying Gov. Ron DeSantis’ order that masking decisions be made by parents.

“It’s frustrating and overwhelming just to be in the position that we are in,” Burdge said. “We have so many children as well as teachers that are either isolated or quarantined right now. It’s really tough for nurses.

“At least we have this,” she added, referring to the new mask mandate. “It’s a safeguard. Nothing is 100 percent, but this will hopefully help get the numbers down.”

With fewer tools at their disposal, school nurses nationwide are expressing frustration and exhaustion even as the academic year is only just beginning.

It is especially difficult in states like Florida, where political leaders are refusing to allow schools to create mask mandates and other policies that could act as basic safeguards against the coronavirus’ delta variant, which is surging and has been shown to increasingly infect children just as they are returning to school.

Yeah, I heard that Delta variant was off the hook.

School nurses here are facing a moral dilemma, because the protocols that are in place and coming from the state don’t align with their values, their training, general scientific opinion, CDC guidance or the position of the American Academy of Pediatrics,” said Lisa Kern, the director of the Florida Association of School Nurses. “It’s unsettling.”

This cognitive dissonance is particularly tough because many school nurses have taken on huge responsibilities during the public health crisis.

At many schools across the country, school nurses often develop mitigation strategies, contact tracing and case management protocols. They conduct Covid testing and even help with vaccine administration. They also are operating as public health educators for students, parents and staff members and often take point on communicating and explaining masking, vaccinations and public health guidance.

They must work as front-line health care workers and as sounding boards for parents who seem to be divided between outraged opposition to mask mandates and real fear that their children could be exposed to the coronavirus.

“It’s impossible,” said Karen Schwind, the president of the Texas School Nurses Organization, who works as the health services coordinator at the New Braunfels Independent School District.

It’s almost like it is totally impossible for virus believers to live with nonbelievers.

Belief in the virus is more aggressive than any religion I’ve ever seen, but Moslems can’t hardly live with Christians, Buddhists, or Hindus. Partitioning America along lines of belief in this virus hoax would make even more sense than partitioning India.

This school thing is a new sub-crisis.

Europe has done really crazy lockdowns, and never closed schools or made a big deal of the school issue because “The Science” says that “The Virus” doesn’t affect children. It’s actually simply that children don’t develop serious illness from colds or the flu (which is what “COVID NINETEEN” actually is).

But if you do this mass testing at the high PCR cycle, anyone will test positive, and since just “getting infected” (testing positive) is a kind of curse (even if you don’t get sick), they can create a coronavirus crisis not only without deaths but without sickness.

I’m very tired, in general. What keeps me going is wanting to see how the history books document this hoaxsteria.

It’s very clear now that this is going to lead to a total collapse of what we now think of as “Western civilization.”

Nothing like this has ever happened before in all of history. If you look up the history of mass hysteria, it was always geographically limited, as well as largely minor in scale. The coronavirus is the first case of mass hysteria producing an existential threat.

In general, when people are facing doom, it sobers them up. If you’ve ever gotten drunk and then gotten into a violent or potentially violent confrontation, you understand this: all of a sudden, the drunkenness just sort of evaporates under a rush of adrenaline.

But people are willing to starve to death, or give their children brain damage or psychological deformities, in order to combat the invisible hoax.

Oh – the school virus crisis is being engineered as part of a campaign to justify vaxxing children. Anthony Fauci said months ago that he wants to vaxx six-month-old infants. So other than just the normal goal of maxing out dumb hysteria, this is also geared toward that purpose.

It’s mind-numbing to be tracking this whole hoax.

But can you even imagine what it is like to believe in it?

As pathetic as they are, you almost have to feel bad for these people.

Check out this crisis actor.