School for Retards Allowed to Continue to Using Electroshock Torture on Their Retards

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 10, 2018

I will not include an image of an actual retard here, because it makes me sick to look at them. This is a retard character from a movie called “Goonies” – which looking back on it now, actually appears to have been Jewish propaganda to humanize retards.  

Retarded people should be euthanized.

Their lives are misery and they create misery for others. They absolutely destroy families. They cost a lot of money and they harm society.

And no one can make any legitimate argument that their lives have value.

But you see, retards are big money. There is an entire multi-million dollar industry built-up around caring for these monstrous mutants, and this industry lobbies for laws against peacefully ending their worthless existences.

The Independent:

A Massachusetts school will be allowed to continue administering electric shocks to its special needs students after a judge ruled the procedure conformed to the “accepted standard of care”.

The Judge Rotenberg Centre (JRC) in Canton, Massachusetts, is the only school in the US to use the technique, which has been condemned by disability rights organisations, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the United Nations special rapporteur on torture.

The Massachusetts governor’s office sued to stop the practice in 2013. But Judge Katherine Fields of the Bristol County Probate and Family Court, ruled last week that the state failed to demonstrate that the procedure “does not conform to the accepted standard of care for treating individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities”.

The JRC is a special needs day and residential school that specialises in treating “emotionally disturbed” children and adults, according to its website. As part of their treatment, some students are given an electric shock from a Graduated Electronic Decelerator (GED) when they display an inappropriate behaviour, such as harming themselves or others.

Several parents at the school have called the technique “life-changing”. In a statement to local news station WCVB, an organisation calling itself the JRC Parents Group, said it was happy the court had affirmed a therapy that “improved our children’s quality of life”.

So you have to torture the retards to keep them in line.

And that is more humane than simply giving them an injection and putting them out of their misery?

This is what happens when everything is materialistic, reduced to money and flesh.

Retards do not have souls, thus they have no natural right to live. But we have reduced the concept of life to simply “being alive,” removing any metaphysical dimension. Combine that with the aforementioned industry surrounding milking the state and the parents of these retards, and you have this disgusting situation of keeping a bunch of mutants in a prison and torturing them.

Using electroshock to torture soulless mutants into obedience is simply grotesque.