School Cancels Toy Drive for Poor Children After Atheists Threaten to Sue

Daily Stormer
November 19, 2013

Atheists are the most whiny, faggoty people on the planet.  They are also almost all Jews.

I’d like to slap whoever threatened to sue a toy drive for children because “wah wah I don’t like Jesus wah I hate my parents wah.”

Atheists are lower than the most primitive African voodoo dancing cannibals.

Typical Atheist, crying all the time because the world hurt his feelings.Typical Atheist, crying all the time because the world hurt his feelings.

Typical Christian, keeping it real for the kids. Typical Christian, keeping it real for the kids.

Yet another spineless public school official is caving under pressure from atheist bullies. East Point Academy, a public elementary charter school in Cayce, South Carolina, has participated in a Christmas toy drive for needy children for the past several years with no complaints from students or parents. This year, an outside group is threatening to sue the school if it continues its Christmas charity.

Let’s be very clear about the law here: nothing that the school is doing is unconstitutional. The school principal even seems to understand this, but rather than take a stand and fight, she’s caving to the pressure.

America, this will continue to happen until brave men and women are willing to stand up to the bullies. Celebrating Christmas is not a crime. It is not unconstitutional. The parents at this school need to raise a ruckus and put this weak-kneed principal in her place. Who cares about the bullies? Are we really going to let a few kill joys steal the joy of charity and Christmas? They will continue to do so until we begin to stand and fight back.

Atheists are also threatening to sue to have the 911 memorial cross removed.