School Bus Driver Suspended Over “Not See” License Plate

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2013

A terroristic San Diego school bus driver has been suspended for his evil support of the Nazis, which made him unsuitable to be a school bus driver, as he could at any moment start gassing students on the bus.

Raw Story gives us the blood-curdling details:

The San Diego Unified School District bus driver, identified as Shawn Calpito, has been placed on leave while his employer investigates reports that he was ordered to return his vanity license plate to the state Department of Motor Vehicles because it carried an offensive message.

KGTV reported Wednesday that Calpito’s personalized license plate reads, “not see,” and is displayed directly beneath a Nazi swastika to ensure the message is clear.

After a reporter called, the DMV canceled the plates and ordered Calpito to return them.

“This is a guy who is promoting racial hatred,” said civil rights attorney Jim McElroy.

McElroy said the DMV regulates vanity plates, but he said Calpito’s apparently slipped past government authorities.

“This one is so subtle that without the other symbol, there’s no way for someone regulating this to realize this is supporting Nazis,” McElroy said.