Scarface: Hip Hop is So F*cking Jewish

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 14, 2014

The black rapper Scarface, who recently came out and said that Donald Sterling should not apologize for not liking black people, has named the Jew.

From Rap Basement:

“I feel like we losing it,” Face said in the clip. “I feel like the people that are in control of what Hip Hop does is so fucking White and so fucking Jewish and so they don’t give a fuck about what the culture and the craft really is about.”

Just in case that statement somehow seems too diplomatic for the intended message, Face reiterated his thoughts with greater lucidity.

“Let me say this shit right because I want this to be as offensive as I can fuckin’ make it for these old-ass punks that’s running these record labels that’s in the powerful positions to dictate what the Black community hears and listens to. I fucking hate that shit. That shit pisses me off,” he added.

“There’s no fucking way that you can tell me that it’s not a conspiracy against the Blacks in Hip Hop. You put out fucking records that make us look stupid. You make us look dumb. You brainwash a generation of Hip Hoppers with this fucking crud and then when these other rappers come out, splitting it down the middle, these other rappers’ shit sound like ‘Wow!’ Y’all look great!’ ‘Y’all look stupid!’ … Then mothafuckers start going over here and pretty soon, Hip Hop is White now.”

Many believe that Scarface is simply saying what many are thinking, but don’t have the heart of intestinal fortitude to speak.

It is regrettable that he first appears to be acknowledging a difference between Whites and Jews, and then seems to be again confused about it.

There is absolutely nothing “White” about rap music.  There is indeed quite a bit Jewish about it.

The inability of blacks to tell the difference between Whites and Jews is a continuing problem.  Even hardcore Antisemitic blacks such as Louis Farrakhan seem to sometimes get confused about it.

The more blacks that are capable of understanding the difference, the better it is for us.