Scandal: Negroid School Principals Caught Cheating Test Scores!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 5, 2016


Doesn’t it feel like it should somehow be considered racist to report this?

Honestly, I’m shocked that no one is complaining.

Don’t they know that a nigga gotta play da White man game ta git ahead?

New York Post:

Cheating is in the lesson plan at a Brooklyn high school, where grade-fixing is so blatant, even intellectually disabled students pass rigorous state tests, faculty members charge.

At Urban Action Academy in Canarsie, an 18-year-old girl with the reading skills of a kindergartner had a passing grade of 65 on the Regents US history exam, a whistleblower told The Post.

The girl scored a 73 on the algebra exam, despite calculation skills at the level of a second-grader.

Teachers suspect the student’s tests were taken by an educational aide.

Inflated scores will eventually backfire on disabled students, a school staffer said: “It raises false hopes.”

Urban Action Academy administrators promote a cheating culture, staffers say.

When the Regents Global History exam was given at the school on June 14, students stashed review materials in toilet stalls so they could sneak information during bathroom breaks.

Alert teachers tried to thwart the cheating. But Assistant Principal Jordan Barnett slammed their “discriminatory” treatment of students and ordered them to back off, teachers say.


Someone did detect the racist nature of this persecution.

Barnett suggested the teachers themselves would not have gotten anywhere if they didn’t cheat in school.

“You did that when you were young. We need to stop sabotaging our students and sabotaging our school,” one quoted Barnett as saying. Others confirmed the remarks.

Principal Steve Dorcely, who has no teaching experience except as a substitute, pressures faculty and aides to “do whatever you can” to pass students, staffers said.

“It’s all done to boost the numbers and make him look good,” one said.

It’s not like Black people are a bunch of stupid, cheating liars.

They are just held back by hatred for the color of their skin.