Saying “January 6 Insurrection” Over and Over is the Entire 2022 Democrat Platform

The Democrat platform for 2022 is literally to just keep saying “January 6” over and over again.

They must have statistics people who know that this is not a valid strategy. Although I suppose the statistics people would also inform them, somberly, that there is no other possible strategy because of the decisions that have been made over the last year, and then the statistics people would all be fired.

So, maybe they’re just all old and demented and delusional…

Or maybe they have reason to believe that they don’t really need an electoral strategy in 2022.

Maybe they are going to seize federal control of elections, and hoax the whole thing.

Maybe there won’t even be an election, because we’ll be in some kind of state of emergency.

Maybe they’ll start a war with Russia.

What seems really unlikely is that the thing that would seem obvious to a normie is going to happen: that the Republicans are going to sweep everything and the Democrats are going to do nothing to prevent that.