Save the Sacramento Spartans: Hero Will Arrested for Defending His Life Against Antifa Terrorists!

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
July 20, 2017

In June 2016, a few dozen nationalist supporters of the Golden State Skinheads and Traditionalist Worker Party attained permits to speak at the Sacramento capitol building. They obeyed all orders from officials, but the police refused to protect their rally. “Somehow” 300 communists and anarchists with no permit got through and began assaulting the nationalists.

After decades of communists busting nationalist rallies, the Sacramento Spartans decided it was time to make a stand.

The Antifa were routed, and now their rich parents are demanding revenge!

Caught in this late legal crackdown is the nationalist William Planer, who has been arrested for the crime of defending his life while outnumbered 10 to 1!

The instigators of the violence were captured on camera in multiple instances. Equally egregious was the sheer apathy of the Sacramento police department, who watched Leftists commit crimes right in front of them while refusing to arrest anyone.

The Left-wing police-sanctioned domestic terrorists were armed with sticks, knives and other weapons, but in the end the nationalists demonstrated superior will and crushed them. Six Antifa scum were hospitalized, and their whole movement was demoralized.

This was around the time Donald Trump rallies were being attacked with impunity by Antifa in California, and this victory inspired millions – including many mainstream conservatives.

The Antifa blog “It’s Going Down” – which openly calls for terrorist acts to silence all non-extremists – doxxed some of the nationalists and sent the information to the police. How rebellious and revolutionary!

The state was all too happy to oblige. Will was arrested for felony assault for the crime of winning a fight for his life.

Will put his life on the line for all of us, and we need to have his back. Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott have launched a fundraiser to get Will a great lawyer for when the state of California extradites him from his Colorado holding cell. 

Lawyers in the Sacramento area believe Will’s case is an open and shut example of self-defense, but this is America so we have to help him buy justice.

Shortly after the event took place, police officers who witnessed the riot told the media that the violence was premeditated and unambiguously provoked by Yvette Falarca’s “By Any Means Necessary” Antifa organization. The District Attorney’s decision to go after Will is entirely political – a testament to the immense corruption that runs through the veins of the system in the banana republic of California.

Local media reporter Frances Wang of ABC10 was also up close and personal at the brawl, and her coverage vindicated the so-called “neo-Nazis” as a purely defensive force. Despite being Asian and female and just calling it as she saw it, she went on to receive scores of death threats from “Antifa” groups for beating their friends at the (((Associated Press))) to the narrative.

There may be one more comrade in trouble, but information on his situation is pending. There don’t appear to be any plans to arrest any more Sacramento Spartans, but it all depends on how hard we make it for them to railroad Will.

Fighting both state repression and its Antifa mastiffs is not easy. But if we can help Will beat his stacked bullshit charges, we will show we’re strong enough to fight for our rights and secure them in the future.