Savage Sword of Trump: Psycho Joe Brought Mika to His Party While She was Bleeding From a Facelift! Rejected!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2017

She was bleeding from her wherever when she attacked President Trump on the TV, so President Trump spilled the beans on her bleeding New Year’s facelift!

He banned the bitch from his party she was bleeding so much!


Donald Trump is BACK!

In fact, he never left – you just thought he did for a second there!

GOP cuckolds are screaming like a bunch of pathetic babies!

We need to vote these people out! Replace them with people that have a sense of humor!

Better yet – arrest them for seditious humorlessness!

Anyone against the President is against the COUNTRY!

Paul Ryan is a pussy! Worse than that pussy Ted Cruz!

Ben Sasse gets sassy – what a little bitch!

Speaking of little bitches –

Mr. Little Lindsey, your t-cell count is beneath 200 and represents what is wrong with American fag buttholes, not the greatness of America.

Seriously though (t-cell thing also serious, actually, this guy is a filthy faggot) – how is a funny jab at a self-righteous stupid bitch anything other than what it looks like?

This fake outrage nonsense is the worst sort of cancer.

But this goes on.

The entire government responded to this with fake outrage.

Orrin Hatch “recommitted to civility” in a TIME op-ed on Wednesday, and tweeted that out in response.

Meanwhile, Trump is the only person in this government that actually does take responsibility for his speech – do you think he wouldn’t say this to the bitch’s bloody face?

Anyway, shut up, Orrin Hatch, no one even knows who you are and I wouldn’t let you write for this website, TIME Magazine is a joke and fake news. I didn’t read your op-ed but I guarantee you but the title it is gay.

Just know this, Orrin – whenever anyone hears your name, they don’t think of you, because they don’t even know who you are – they think of that 80s cartoon movie with the robot sex slave that was really good called “Starchaser: The Legend of Orin.”

Utah should have elected the voice actor from that movie to Congress or someone from the animation team instead of your whiny gay ass, you pussy.

That YouTube clip is more important than your entire life.

Maybe next time instead of tweeting, you should just kill yourself. Maybe when people see your tombstone they’ll think it’s the character from this movie and feel an emotion.

Senator Chris Murphy admitted that Morning Joe is a mentally ill psycho, but said no one should talk about it.

Not sure how much more faggy this can get.

Gap-toothed kike Hawaiian Senator Brian Schatz made his little jab.

Hey Schatz, you inbred mutant – anyone on my staff who refused to have dental surgery would be fired.

I would also fire you for being Jewish!


And of course the women of the government – yes, if you’re just waking up, we have women in our government – closed ranks, as is the custom of that most despicable sex.

That bitch is GOP.

Yes, even the alleged “right wing” party has women. Recently, they’ve also started including niggers and I think they even have a Mexican.

What needs to stop “Lisa” is you having your mouth open while words are coming out of it!

Senator “Lynn Jenkins” is also GOP. Maybe they should just start letting 5-year-old babies run their party – they would definitely have a better sense of humor!

Yeah, I wonder why she’s sensitive about plastic surgery jokes:

It ain’t none of my bidness what you do with your face, Lynn – I just want you to zip-up that defective cock-holster in the middle of it!

And of course, Grandma Suzy had to come out and say something dumb.

Can you imagine if that was your grandmother?

My two grandmothers, may God bless their souls, were saints, who would have been sickened by the idea of running around in the government pretending to be a man instead of taking me and my cousins to the park or the swimming pool or wherever!

You should be ashamed of yourself, Grandma Suzy!

And of course, a Senator had to say this:

The fake outrage catchphrase.

Surprised she didn’t add “wow just wow i can’t even i’m literally shaking right now.”

Instead she added this:

You need to run in front of a semi-truck, you stupid bitch!

Barbara Lee – who claims to only have three granddaughters, which I don’t think is possible – wants an explanation!

It’s called having fun, you stupid old bitch.

Your the one who needs to explain to your granddaughters why you’re not taking them to the park or the swimming pool or whatever and instead trying to control the lives of strangers.

She even said this:

And that… well, that is pretty much accurate, lol.

Seriously Though

I like to have some fun some times like everyone else, but this was a brilliant strategic move to drop this kind of drama right now in the middle of this fake news mess.

People are sick of the fake outrage.

Here’s what triggered it:

Malicious, petty nonsense was responded to with a funny jab, and all of the sudden it’s like someone just fired up the gas chambers.

Everyone knows this outrage industrial complex is epitome of absurdity, and he triggered the whole thing with something that anyone with a conscience had to have chuckled at.

But even more importantly, and really the takeaway from all of this that I want you guys to think about is that the plastic surgery is really well done.

She’s 50.

How many drinks before you’d hit that?

Please answer in the comments below.