Savage Ork Lights White Army Nurse and Mother on Fire

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2017

Clifford Currie.

Why was this Black allowed to work at an army hospital? Why was a woman allowed into the army?

These are things we wouldn’t need to ask if we were in a proper society.


A Kansas man was convicted Tuesday of attacking a military nurse with a razor blade and setting her on fire with gasoline at the hospital they both worked at, PEOPLE confirms.

Clifford Currie faces up to 20 years in prison after being convicted of assault with attempt to commit murder for the 2016 attack at a Fort Leavenworth military hospital, a Kansas District Court Clerk officials tells PEOPLE.
On Sept. 7, shortly after 5 p.m., Currie, a civilian who worked in an administrative capacity at the hospital, entered Army Lt. Katie Blanchard’s office with a plastic bottle in his hand containing gasoline.

He doused Blanchard, his boss, with the gasoline and then set her on fire, and used a razor blade to cut her, a federal criminal complaint states.

He later ran to his office to grab a pair of scissors to stab her with and put his foot on Blanchard’s throat to hold her down, but a witness pushed him away. While Currie was being restrained by military colleagues, Blanchard, covered and blood and badly burned, screamed, “I told you this would happen!”

Blanchard tells PEOPLE that since a January 2016 dispute, Currie had behaved in an aggressive and threatening manner towards her, including cornering her in an office and yelling at her.

Blanchard’s attorney tells PEOPLE he believes the Army should be held partially responsible for the attack, alleging the army “ignored the warning signs.”

You are not supposed to relax around Blacks. This woman pointed out the risks here, and yet the rest of the army relaxed. They are certainly as guilty as the Ork is. More so, even.

In the criminal complaint, witnesses said Blanchard had voiced her concern about her subordinate and even asked to have someone accompany her when she worked with him directly.

According to Blanchard, her requests were denied. Currie was found not guilty of assault with a dangerous weapon, a clerk officials says. His attorneys could not be reached for comment.

Not only was this White mother permanently scarred and almost killed by this fungus-monster, but he wasn’t even found guilty of assault. I wonder why this even went to court instead of some commissar shooting the thing during the attack.

Katie Blanchard.