Savage African Invaders Tear Up Southern Italy

Daily Stormer
June 12, 2015

A glimpse into what is to become of Europe as the EU traitors under orders from ZOG encourage more and more to swarm in.

Imagine them loose in the Colosseum. The Athenaeum. Tagging artworks in the Louvre. Defecating under the Arc De Triomphe. Breeding in the alley refuse, high on their native voodoo. Forcing themselves on the native signoras. As the socialists in European parliaments implore compassion for this mass of black and brown destruction moving like a mud storm, what is to become of Italy as an ethnic state? What will happen to Greece, the cradle and birthplace of western civilization? Or France? Or Germany? Belgium? Spain?

These creatures are the roaches of humanity, and even calling them human is a dignity that this video proves they’re totally undeserving of. Who’s to blame for this? The Jews! And especially George Soros in his quest to open up European society, by which he means, have it overrun with monkeys. And yet, Israel, the biggest advocate of the African invasion, beats them with clubs and forces them out with violent anti-black protests, the mere suggestion of which they’d condemn through their political puppets if it happened in the White countries this sub-species is already destroying.