Saudi Prince’s $79 Million Yacht Capsizes in Greece

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 17, 2020

Why did we give these sandniggers all of this money and then just let them go buckwild all over the place?

Whose decision was this? The Jews again?

The Sun:

A $79 million superyacht owned by a Saudi prince capsized and partially sunk while it was docked in Greece.

The 230ft Nourah of Riyad, owned by Prince Turki bin Mohammed bin Fahd Al Saud, was being lifted out of the water for repairs when it capsized.

The luxury liner was at a repair yard, the Megatechnica shipyard in Perama, Athens, when it was turned at a 45-degree angle, becoming partially submerged in the water.

The exceptionally expensive accident happened at around midday on Sunday as it was undergoing anti-fouling works.

The yacht’s crew and workers are said to be safe and nobody was injured when it capsized.

There was no marine pollution as a result of the incident.

All these Saudis do with this money is:

  1. Pay white women to be shit on, and
  2. Go around the world running amok

Why does the world allow this?

What value are these people providing?

What exactly is the argument for not just wiping them out completely, and sending in Germans to run the global oil industry?

No one anywhere is going to try to say, “oh no, these Saudis offer a unique set of skills to the oil industry – the Germans couldn’t handle it.”

So then what is the reason for not going ahead with the plan?

Because it would be mean?

Couldn’t we just do it in some way that was painless?

Like with magnetic pulse of some kind? Just wipe the entire area clean of life? There are no dogs there anyway, Arabs are afraid of dogs. There might be some cats, and hey – I feel bad about that. But look: the world needs to move forward.

Who exactly is preventing this obvious course of action from going ahead?


Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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