Saudi Front-Hole Women’s Rights Activist Regularly Beaten, Whipped and Electrocuted, Says Brother

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Daily Stormer
February 2, 2019

Isn’t it nice to know that THOTs are at least getting patrolled somewhere?


The brother of jailed Saudi activist Loujain Alhathloul has detailed in a CNN opinion piece the abuse his sister has allegedly endured in prison.

Loujain Alhathloul

In the article, Walid Alhathloul writes that during a recent visit by his parents to see Loujain she told them she was regularly whipped, beaten, electrocuted and sexually harassed in a basement she called the “palace of terror.”

Alhathloul was arrested in May 2018, along with 10 other women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia. Her family, Saudi activists and Human Rights Watch have alleged in recent months that she and other female detainees have been tortured and sexually harassed in prison.

Oh come on man, let’s be real, she’s in rehab learning to be a proper front-hole. Sure, there are some scary guys there doing some painful stuff to her, but that’s what she wanted. She opened the puzzle box. She looked for it, she searched for it, and she found it.

Never open the puzzle box.

They also allege that a former top adviser of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saud al-Qahtani, was present during at least one of the interrogation sessions.

Qahtani allegedly threatened to rape, kill and throw one of the detainees into the sewage system, according to Human Rights Watch and people familiar with the events.

Qahtani was also implicated in the Istanbul consulate murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

She better be scared then. This is what she longed for. This is what she wanted. She opened the puzzle box when she stepped out of her place as a front-hole, and now Cenobites are thirsty for her tears.

“Whenever Loujain spoke about the torture sessions to my parents, her hands shook uncontrollably. I fear the pain will stay with her forever,” Walid Alhathloul wrote in the CNN opinion piece.

My own baby sister said she is being whipped, beaten, electrocuted and harassed on a frequent basis,” he wrote. “She said that sometimes there are masked men who wake her up in the middle of the night to shout unimaginable threats.”

This is still quite lite for Cenobite standards, let’s see if the article her brother wrote goes into any more detail.


Loujain is a women’s rights hero in Saudi Arabia, and the majority of her activism focuses on male guardianship, women’s right to drive and domestic violence. Loujain worked with vulnerable women to find solutions for them so we don’t see cases like that of Rahaf al-Qunun, an 18-year-old who recently sought asylum in Canada.

Loujain’s dream was that these victims could find safety without having to flee the country. She was even in the process of setting up a domestic violence shelter called Aminah, which means “safe” in English. We now know that this shelter was one of the main reasons Loujain was arrested.

One month after her arrest, Loujain called me from a withheld number. She told me she was locked in a “hotel” in Jeddah and not in a conventional prison.

During the conversation, she said “once I’m free I will help you find the woman of your dreams.” I told her “let’s focus on getting you out and then we can think about love and romance.” She has a big heart, and she has always cared more about others than she cares about herself. At that time, we did not know that she was going through regular and systematic torture. With all the pain she’s been through, physically and psychologically, she still only thinks about others.

No, wait, really. I’ll repeat it.

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What is he even talking about? He either:

  1. Made all of that up.
  2. His sister is retarded.
  3. His sister is not really suffering while locked up and has time to talk about ridiculously irrelevant matters.
  4. His sister is baiting him so he does whatever she pleases.
  5. All of the above.


His sister knows he’s involuntarily celibate and even though she’s getting tortured and abused on a daily basis, wants her brother to know that his pain will have an end, and she knows she’s the only one that can get him a girl to do the fluid exchange thing with him.

It saddens me that she was hiding her pain from us. Looking back, every time I asked her about her case she would reply that she couldn’t answer. It seemed like there was always someone monitoring closely and telling her what she could or couldn’t say.

Women hiding their pain, sure.

Recently, my parents were able to visit Loujain in jail. She started to talk about how they took her from Dhahban prison at midnight to what is known as the “hotel.” She described it as a “palace of terror” that is 10 minutes away from the prison. She said she was taken blindfolded and thrown into the trunk of a car on the way to this secret place. The torture sessions, she said, normally occur in the basement of this palace.

When I think about what goes on in that basement, I feel sick. My own baby sister said she is being whipped, beaten, electrocuted and harassed on a frequent basis. She said that sometimes there are masked men who wake her up in the middle of the night to shout unimaginable threats. This is the type of treatment she said Saud al-Qahtani, a top adviser of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, oversaw. Isn’t that the definition of a rogue state?

That sounds more like a porno than a rogue state.

Along with the many forms of physical torture, Loujain described how she must also endure horrifying interrogations. One of the investigators said “if you don’t marry me I will rape you.” She said she was also offered the chance to work for them and go after Saudi women living in exile to bring them to Saudi Arabia. She, of course, rejected the offer, and because of that the treatment worsened.

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Whenever Loujain spoke about the torture sessions to my parents, her hands shook uncontrollably. I fear the pain will stay with her forever.

Maybe she should have thought of that before being a disobedient whore.

Now that I told you the story of my sister, will Mariah Carey call for her release on stage? Will my voice be heard?

Oh, right, this whole thing had something to do with Mariah Carey… let’s see… what was it that he wrote…

On Thursday night, Mariah Carey will perform on stage in Saudi Arabia. This concert is a pathetic attempt to show that the country is becoming more tolerant toward women.

But there are many women languishing in Saudi prisons, simply for campaigning for the better treatment of women.

Some of them have been brutally tortured and sexually assaulted. One of these women is my sister, Loujain Alhathloul. As a fan of Carey’s work, I’d like to see her ask for the release of my sister while she is on stage.

Looks like this was an elaborate ruse to get Mariah Carey to notice them… so…

Cenobites are not tearing her apart yet. Bummer.

This idea of “women’s rights” is ridiculous, yes, but a “women’s rights activist” being a woman is something else. The idea that women can “fight” for “their” “rights” and “earn” them is preposterous. If we want to prevent women from ever ruining everything again once we fix this mess, we have to remember something. We have to learn it, internalize it, and make it a part of us.

Women’s choice does not really exist. If it looks like it does, it’s because we’re choosing to let them choose.

Women’s consent does not really exist. If it looks like it does, it’s because we’re consenting their consent.

Women’s agency is not a thing. What we decide gets done. Women have no way to oppose us.

They have no way to impose their will.

What we have nowadays is an illusion of female power held together by men acting the will of women, literally giving away men’s power. That power has to be continually given away for the illusion to exist, and we’re going to stop giving it away very soon.

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