Report: Saudis Preparing to ADMIT They Killed Journo – “Torture Gone Wrong”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 15, 2018


Just a prank, bro.



Saudi Arabia is preparing a report that would admit Saudi journalist and dissident Jamal Khashoggi was killed as the result of an interrogation that went wrong, CNN reported on Monday, citing two unnamed sources.

One source cautioned that the report was still being prepared and could change, CNN said. The other source said the report would likely conclude that the operation was carried out without clearance and that those involved will be held responsible, the cable news outlet said.

According to CNN, the Saudi report will note that the interrogation was intended to lead to Khashoggi’s abduction from Turkey.

The New York Times, citing a person familiar with the Saudi plans, reported the crown prince had approved an interrogation or rendition of Khashoggi back to Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government, it said, would shield the prince by blaming an intelligence official for the bungled operation.

Yeah it definitely took them long enough, I don’t see anything better they can do here. This is going to have to be followed by an announcement that Salman is stepping down.

This “gone wrong” excuse could theoretically be true, I guess. But again, you get into such levels of stupidity that it doesn’t matter – because if you’re going to kidnap him, why torture him inside the embassy?

Anyway, yeah – this won’t change anything on the international stage “yes, we killed that dissident journalist, but only accidentally while we were torturing him” is not a good look at all.

I guess this is a result of Pompeo being there? He would have probably just arrived at the time they initially reported this. Maybe just the fact an adult from white daddy-land coming made them decide this?

Anyway, we’ll wait for the official announcement.


Trump has sent Secretary of State Pompeo to Saudi Arabia to meet with the king re: Pulp Fictioning that journalist.

He’s probably already on the way.

Trump said the king didn’t know anything about it, but I don’t think anyone expected the old man to know anything – it is the weird young prince who’s being blamed here.

He also said that Pompeo would probably be visiting Turkey. As of right now, the Saudis still refuse to allow Turkish investigators into the embassy.

I don’t think this is the right course of action for Trump, at all. The situation is FUBAR, and Trump needs to pull-out before he’s forced to pull-out. Congress is already moving to block the arms deal if Trump doesn’t, and if he does it himself then he can claim a win. If he’s forced to do it, it looks like he’s losing.

And look: we have midterms coming up. The Democrats are going to jump on this as “oh look at Trump defending people who kidnap and cut up journalists.”

Cutting ties with Saudi does not even matter. This is not important. Apparently there is a lot of money involved (though I have no idea of the details, and suspect they are getting more free than they’re paying for), but Trump could just as easily send them a bill for all the free stuff they’ve already gotten, and sanction them if they don’t pay it.

I think this is the beginning of the end for the House of Saud. They have quadrupled down on this, and there simply cannot be any explanation here.

The “rogue agent” theory only makes sense if Prince Salman is the rogue agent. Low level authorities cannot order a 15 man hit squad to go into an embassy and murder someone. It’s possible that Salman told his men “just get it taken care of,” and this is the insane plan that they came up with without running it by him. That I could possibly believe. But you are still left with the reality of a dissident journalist being murdered.

This Saudi deal was yet another Jared Kushner production, and it was bound to end in doom, just like when he contacted the Russians to try and get them to do something for Israel.

Cut your losses, Mr. President. This road leads nowhere good.

Original story follows.

Yeah, keep digging that hole, guys.

Threaten America.

See how that works out for you.

The Telegraph:

Saudi Arabia yesterday hinted at economic retaliation over mounting international criticism of the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi as its stock exchange suffered its worst losses in years. 

Shares plunged as much as 7 per cent as US President Donald Trump promised “severe punishment”, and the foreign ministers of the UK, France and Germany issued a joint statement calling for a “credible investigation” into Mr Khashoggi’s fate.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and his German and French counterparts said “light must be shed” on Mr Khashoggi’s disappearance, and cautioned that the Saudi government was expected “to provide a complete and detailed response”.

The state-run Saudi Press Agency earlier hit back at the growing chorus of international voices threatening punishment if suspicions that Mr Khashoggi has been murdered are proved true. 

“The Kingdom affirms its total rejection of any threats and attempts to undermine it, whether by threatening to impose economic sanctions, using political pressures, or repeating false accusations,” the statement read.The the oil-rich kingdom added that it “also affirms that if it receives any action, it will respond with greater action, and that the Kingdom’s economy has an influential and vital role in the global economy.” 

Sources inside Saudi Arabia said that any punitive measures directed its way would generate larger counter-measures.

This is primarily a response to Donald Trump, who over the weekend hinted at sanctions in a 60 minutes interview.

These threats are almost as stupid as the initial killing of the journalist.

At this point, the whole world is looking for an excuse. Not only did the Saudis do 911, they’re a “conservative” human rights violator and a one-time ally of the evil patriarch Donald Trump.

Then they Pulp Fictioned a journalist.

They have no real friends in the entire world, and everyone knows that their oil empire is a sham, that they were setup by the West to run that country in order to keep Russia or someone else from coming to take it themselves.

They are a cartoonish puppet government which will not be allowed to go rogue.

If they attempt to realign themselves with China and disrupt the oil market, they’re going to end up with problems that their 82 IQ brains cannot even begin to comprehend.

Making wide-ranging threats against the entire world – including Donald Trump – is literally the stupidest possible thing they could ever do.

Their only option at this point is the exact opposite – to blame Prince Salmon and throw him under the bus and issue wide-ranging apologies to the whole world.

They must have some Jews advising them on all of this. Though Jews generally haven’t been making very good decisions as of late, this isn’t really a hard call to make. In fact, there are not even multiple possible options. If they don’t voluntarily throw Salman under the bus, they will be forced to from outside – or they can try the “take on the whole world” bit and see how long it takes for ISIS to show up in Riyadh.