Saturday Poll: Are You Driven by Hatred?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2016


So, once upon a time I had a dream of doing a poll every Friday. But alas, every time I thought of a poll to do it wasn’t Friday, and then I would forget by the time it was Friday. Also, I don’t usually know what day it is, since I do the exact same thing 7 days a week.

Anyhoo. Now polls will not simply be on Fridays, but any day of the week.

Nevermind all that gibberish I just typed: it’s poll time, baby.

Are You Driven by Hatred?

The number one insult against the alt-right is that we are driven by hatred. I have never really understood the relevance of this, given that hatred is an emotion, and the emotional state we are in doesn’t really relate in any way to what we are saying.

Especially when you are talking about political and social issues, the last thing which should be considered relevant is the emotional state you are in as you present your arguments.

Beyond this, it is obvious that those attacking us non-stop actually are driven by hate. If any sites on the internet can be accurately called “hate sites,” it is those of the SPLC and the ADL, which viciously attack any individual who disagrees with their subjective presentation of reality. These women and SJWs who attack us non-stop are obviously driven by hate. Look at the people protesting Donald Trump – look at the looks they have on their faces. Look at the Black Lives Matter protesters. Or feminist protesters. Their emotional state is transparent.


What emotion is being expressed here?

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Or here?


Or here?


Or here?

Conversely, I have never met a White supremacist/Neo-Nazi who had a look on their face like that.

Look at any Jew-written article about Trump, or the Alt-Right, or anything else they’re against – their tone is always one of unadulterated vitriol.

I don’t point this out often, because I don’t think it is relevant. I am not concerned with their emotional states, I am concerned with their actions, the way they are trying to reshape the society that I live in.

However, it’s an interesting question, given that the opposition is so fixated on our alleged emotional state. So I’m putting it to a poll, just so we can see what we’re dealing with here.

So, here’s the question:

I am not bothered if you are. I consider it your own personal business. I am personally not driven by hate, but rather love of my own people, as well as just basic logic. However, a person driven by love can agree with a person who is driven by hate. Because again, politics are not an emotional exercise.

I’m just interested in hearing how people feel.