Saturday Ebonics Translations: Richer Than Everybody by Gucci Mane

I recently gained some recognition on the internet for translating a song by Chief Keef into English. I have decided that this is both funny and informative, and should be a regular feature on the site.

I am aware that a lot of my readership dislikes black people, or at least does not want to be around them in any significant numbers, but I feel there is some lack of understanding about the actual culture of black people. This is a general problem in society, where blacks are presented by the media as innocent victims, when in fact the majority of young black men are absurdly violent criminals. The entire culture of the American black is centered around violent crime. This is very clearly evidenced by their popular culture that they make for each other, primarily in the form of rap music.

I was recently listening to Chuck Berry’s 1957 hit “No Money Down,” a song about how he wants to buy a new Cadillac because the old Ford he is driving keeps breaking down.

This is I think wholesome music, and fine. It is what blacks used to listen to in their dance halls. It is truly amazing that the culture of black people has changed so drastically over the last 70 or so years. Personally, I believe (based on facts) that the Jews are largely responsible for this.

The first song I want to translate is by Gucci Mane, and it should be noted that he published a book where he claimed that Jews would show up in the studio and ask him to make the music more violent.

Black people are obviously more prone to violence, due to both lower IQs and higher testosterone levels. This is particularly a problem for black males between puberty and about the age of 35. However, Jewish record executives have created an entire industry that encourages the worst impulses in blacks. They could just as easily be singing about how they need a new car because their old one doesn’t run very well.

Instead, they are singing the following.

It should be noted that two of the three performers on this song have been confirmed to have killed people. The money and fame associated with success in the gangster rap industry does not seem to in any way reduce the violent behavior of the people who produce it. I will say that I think they probably do stop selling drugs once they are making tens of millions from the music industry, but that isn’t known.

This in an English translation of the lyrics to “Richer Than Errybody” by Gucci Mane and featuring Young Boy Never Broke Again and DaBaby:

If a man has one kilo of cocaine, he believes he’s the wealthiest around
If a man has two kilos of cocaine, he believes he’s the wealthiest around
If a man has four kilos of cocaine, he believes he’s the wealthiest around
When a man has no cocaine, he begins to ponder grand larceny
When a man has no cocaine, he begins to ponder grand larceny
I am a murderer, I’ve killed a lot of people
I am the best at synthesizing crack cocaine
I have post traumatic stress disorder because I’ve killed so many people
I do not enter serious romantic relationships because women are highly promiscuous
I open the top of my convertible car and begin cavorting, humiliating everyone in the vicinity

I recklessly operate expensive motor vehicles
I drive through government housing neighborhoods in Atlanta carrying a prepaid cellphone
I will engage in sexual relations with a woman if I so desire
I will will ejaculate inside of her vagina
I distribute illegal narcotics, and have attracted the attention of the FBI
I have a new Nissan pickup truck with custom modifications
I mix codeine cough syrup in with my marijuana cigarettes
I do not smoke marijuana that is not mixed with hard drugs
I drive around with dead bodies in the trunk of my car
I think I am the most wealthy person around
If someone offends me, I will shoot them with a gun with red dot sights
Someone I know has begun informing to the FBI
[unintelligible] I have a hundred round capacity magazine in a fully automatic AK-47 with a wood stock
Someone acquired a kilo of cocaine and became manic
He claimed he was the best at synthesizing crack cocaine
I carry a gun because people are following me
I am selling drugs to large numbers of people
I’m sexually involved with a plus-sized woman
I believe she is having sex with large numbers of men
For the rest of my life, I will ingest illegal narcotics
I bought a discounted handgun
I feel it’s necessary to cover my clothing with diamonds
If people continue to offend me, I will devise a murderous revenge scheme

I was raised in public housing in East Atlanta, and saw many human corpses
People were committing a lot of crimes, so they murdered a lot of people
I’m extremely wealthy and so people say disrespectful things about me
They are so economically disadvantaged, they require supernatural intervention
I was widely celebrated for selling crack cocaine in Birmingham, Alabama
People tried to assassinate me, but it failed
I kept a very low profile, and it’s unclear how I was discovered
The gang members I cohort with act like the Secret Service
I am not a professional basketball player, but I humiliate women
I have to pay with credit cards, because I’m so rich that my cash cannot fit into my pants
I was raised in poverty, and I do not associate with FBI informants
People behave irresponsibly until their friends begin getting murdered

You’ve never killed anyone so you should be silent
I recently sold out my music concert, and following an hour of music performance, I brandished a firearm
If someone is disrespectful to me, I will murder him in the night
I had sex with your girlfriend and then gave her one hundred dollars
I will teach you how to get rich and famous
The combined cost of my jewelry is one hundred thousand dollars, before taxes
You can ask my friend about it, he is fond of my jewelry
Every time my friend sees me, he notices how wealthy I am
I went to a popular television event with my children and their mother and was accused of criminality
In truth, I’m simply a genuine rich person
I store money inside my girlfriend’s hairdo
I’m so wealthy, I had to change my phone number
If you joke around with me, I will murder you
There will be blood everywhere
I have proven that I will kill people who irritate me
People have likened me to another rich rap musician who produces popular music and kills people
I do not form friendships with cowards, and only cohort with violent people

Editor’s Note: I can’t promise, but if this proves popular, I’m going to make it a weekly Saturday feature. I listen to a lot of gangster rap. It’s a hobby, kind of like how people get into Warhammer 40k. Also, just to be clear: yes, I do believe that black people would behave a lot better if this sort of thing was not at the core of their culture. That is not only obvious, but proven by history. So part of what I am trying to do with this new series is expose just what is being marketed – by Jewish record producers – to teenage black boys. It is painfully obvious that this is a way to weaponize black people against white people in America. Kanye is so hated by the Jews not simply because he’s friends with Donald Trump, but because he makes black music with Christian themes, which are intended to bring black people up instead of dragging them down to the level of jungle savages in the way gangster rap does. I should also note that I don’t personally blame the gangster rappers, who are raised in this culture and don’t have a lot of career prospects. Again, Gucci is clearly a violent person by nature, but he did say the Jews came in and told him to make the music more violent.