Saturday Ebonics Translation: Young Dolph – Talking to My Scale (RIP Dolph)

I know I bitch out on a lot of promised features, but Saturday Ebonics Translations are here to stay.

In honor of the recently deceased Young Dolph, who was brutally gunned down at the cookie shop (true story), I’m going to translate one of Dolph’s last hits, “Talking to My Scale.”

The purpose of these translations, aside from humor, is to give an accurate portrayal of black culture within our media culture, which claims that black people are innocent little lambs being unjustly persecuted. So it helps to watch the video to understand the actual culture of the blacks.

I think this was Dolph’s last single before the tragedy at the cookie store. It is very popular.

As always, it is impossible to translate ebonics with 100% accuracy, because many of the phrases do not have any meaning. But there’s nobody better at this than me.

Yes, buddy, I hate everyone, I hate everything, buddy
Make money, buddy
Make huge amounts of money. buddy
Make all of the money, buddy, until there is no more money to be made, buddy
All of the money
Stack the money all the way to the ceiling of your home, disregard people and women
Disregard these other people too, I hate them all
Do you understand me? I am being very serious, buddy, I’m serious

If I died violently, would I go to hell?
I’m in my crack house, counting money, and weighing out crack cocaine on a scale
My jewelry box has more diamonds than the water park [note: untranslatable African America metaphor] I sell crack cocaine and I am better at counting money than spelling
I grew up in poverty, but became seriously involved in gang crime
Yes, this is my friend, but no, I don’t trust him
She is an attractive woman, but she is aware we are only involved in a casual sexual relationship
She claimed to be in love with me and I told her she was trying to run a scam on me
Stop saying these things, little girl
This woman deserve a gold medal for recognition of her ability to perform fellatio
I have a blue Louis Vuitton jacket, but my chains are so big they can’t be tucked inside it

My marijuana cigarettes are as big as [obese deceased rapper) Biggie Smalls, I spend money like [wealthy rapper] Puff Daddy
If this prostitute has sex with me, she is very lucky
Yes, this sex was disgusting, I told the woman she was filthy
Prostitutes should not speak to me in public
I acquire money quickly and drive race cars, that is the purpose of my life
Young people will learn from me and become murderers so they can become wealthy
Often I am shocked by how legitimate and successful I am
My first experience in drug dealing was with low quality Mexican marijuana, but then I became wealthy
My favorite gang member can ask me for anything, because he remained loyal
My other favorite gang member stayed loyal when we were poor
Another member of my gang insulted me
He is like a dog running around and acting violent, as he tries to avoid the police
He went to locate a narcotics distributor, and came to tell me the prices were reasonable

We’re going to be involved in gang activity for all eternity, engaging in extreme violence
I’ve had a difficult life, so I am always taking narcotics
My gang shows up at the club with twenty vehicles, and people recognize us
I chose my own clothing, I have spent millions on designer clothing
I own my own island, buddy, you can sail out to locate me
I own more jewelry than your Jeweler, buddy, I have spent millions on diamonds
I decorate everyone I know with diamonds, so that I can look at them shining
My crack house has great customer service, comparable to Chick-fil-A

I might take this woman to the public housing projects, but I cannot take her on a date
I am dazed from codeine, yet I remain alert
People from other gangs are harassing me, but I’m not worried about it

No one ever insults me, buddy, do you understand?
I had to fix a problem with another gang, buddy, I did it violently
I had to understand the situation, buddy, do you understand?
It was just me and my gang members, do you understand?
Buddy, don’t eat off the floor
Buddy, don’t eat out of the garbage can, young man, do you understand?
You were not there, buddy, you were not there with us, buddy
We had to commit a lot of violence, but then I stopped thinking about it

This song is not over, buddy
My office is a crack house in South Memphis
I drive through the city with a fully automatic weapon
I sell fifty thousand dollar bags of crack cocaine
My pink ring cost seven-hundred and fifty thousand dollars
I pour a whole bottle of codeine cough syrup, and drink it without sipping
I’m hanging out and smoking a large marijuana cigarette
You’re an adult so you should stop whining

I’m so violent that everyone hates me
My life is like a Hollywood film
I wear blue retro Nike Jordans
I have so many diamonds, I don’t need air conditioning
I had to have sex with that woman because she tried to rape me
I wear jewelry, I don’t drink water, I only drink codeine cough syrup
I mix codeine cough syrup with grapefruit juice and I wear blue diamonds, I am better than everyone
Sixty inch rims on my Rolls Royce, I gaze at the stars

Smoking marijuana cigarettes laced with codeine, thanking God, I remember I used to be poor
I was a young crack dealer dreaming of getting wealthy, but I never thought I’d get this wealthy
At 14 years old, I joined a violent drug gang
We would commit crimes, and then play basketball, and then find a place to buy pure cocaine
I have the kind of diamonds that shimmer in the dark
You trust women, while I only trust my gang members
I have many different cars in my garage

I’m Dolph
If I die violently, will I go to hell?
I’m in my crack house, counting money, and weighing crack cocaine on a scale

Okay, so.

That’s a little longer than the songs I’ve been translating, but I think we all have a greater understanding of popular black culture now.

I simply cannot stress this enough: this is what young black men listen to while young white men are listening to Ed Sheeran. While white youths are dreaming of a woman they will find who will love them for who they truly are inside, young black males are thinking about the above. We live in the same cities as these people, and we are surrounded by them – and the media is telling us that they are angelic victims.

They literally make art showing that these people are angels.

It is very difficult to process that people with a culture that we can see in this rap music are portrayed as angelic. Trayvon Martin was buying skittles and Arizona iced tea to make a codeine cough syrup mix. George Floyd was literally high on fentanyl. They are very much a part of the culture that is explicated in the above lyrics.

With regards to Dolph’s untimely death, this is from Wikipedia:

On November 17, 2021, at 12:22 pm, Thornton was fatally shot in Memphis while picking up cookies for his mother at Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies, a bakery he frequently visited whenever he was back home. Two unidentified gunmen alighted from a white two-door Mercedes-Benz and gunned him down. Crowds of hundreds of people swarmed the scene of Thornton’s death for hours; police had to prevent individuals from entering the area while they investigated. Tennessee House Representative London Lamar and Memphis councilman J. B. Smiley reacted by calling for a curfew in Memphis to prevent civil unrest and violence.

Young Dolph was laid to rest on Tuesday, November 30, 2021. A service was held at First Baptist Church Broad Street. The family’s caravan of black SUVs was escorted by security and Memphis Police to the cemetery across from Hamilton High School, Young Dolph’s alma mater.

Honorary street-renaming

The city of Memphis approved street-renaming for a street in the honor of Young Dolph. The street was changed to Adolph “Young Dolph” Thornton Jr Avenue (named after Young Dolph), which is located on the intersection of Dunn Avenue and Airways Boulevard, just east of Castilia Heights (where Dolph was raised) and not too far from where Dolph was killed.

So, just to be clear here: the actual city government of Memphis is honoring this man with a street renaming. A man who, months before his death, was releasing music encouraging young black men to do drugs, sell drugs, abuse prostitutes, join gangs, commit robberies, and murder people.

Just as an absolute matter of fact, there is no culture on earth more decadent, violent, and destructive than American black culture. It’s much worse than say, Islam. And this is not a secret. These videos are all on YouTube. They are number one hits. They get billions of views. This is not a niche of black culture, it is the core of their entire society. The entire existence of the black culture revolves around drugs and violence.

If you bring this up to a white woman or a soy, they will claim it is white people’s fault. Try to get them to explain that.

Finally, I just want to say what is really amazing: DaBaby got canceled for a 30-second rant at a concert saying he doesn’t approve of men sucking each other’s dicks in the parking lot. DaBaby makes this same music. Maybe next week I’ll translate one of his songs that was released and on the billboard charts, and which received no complaints, before his entire career was destroyed for saying he is against gay parking lot blowjobs.

It’s all just… It’s tiresome.

RIP Dolph.